Discovering The Benefits of Coconut Oil in Weight Loss

Discovering The Benefits of Coconut Oil in Weight Loss

Not all fats are bad. In fact, some can be very good for you!

Coconut oil is a well known fat that has ironically been praised as a modern miracle ingredient, except for the fact that it has been around for centuries and still remains popular in today’s “Do It Yourself” society.

It’s made from the dried fruit (nut) of the coconut palm tree and is known to contain an awesome type of saturated fatty acid – lauric acid.

Once lauric acid has entered your system the body instantly goes to great pains to burn it off for energy…resulting in a form of weight loss!

Not only is coconut oil safe and easy to use, it tastes great!

Here are just a few of the benefits of coconut oil in weight loss…

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1) Boosts Metabolism

Missing your teenage metabolism? How about giving your current one a boost? Coconut oil works to speed up your digestive system, allowing you to get rid of the extra pounds quickly.

This is because coconut oil is primarily made up of medium chain fatty acids.

These differ slightly from the longer chains that make up most fats as they are sent to the liver where the energy from the oil is immediately used for the body.

This energy boosts the metabolism which is responsible for digesting food and burning fat.

A faster metabolism is directly correlated with a lower body weight. Coconut oil helps this process along while maintaining a healthy digestive system.

2) Reduces Your Appetite

And not because it doesn’t make a delicious addition to any meal!

Along with its metabolism boosting properties, the medium chain fatty acids are shown to increase feelings of “fullness” which ultimately leads to eating less during mealtimes.

This is because the liver produces ketone bodies as a person consumes coconut oil. These are powerful molecules that exist within the body and work to reduce a person’s appetite.

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3) Helps Get Rid of Abdominal Fat

Oh, the dreaded belly fat. People often complain how hard it is to lose the pounds that seem to be naturally built into our bodies.

The belly is a well known trouble area to those who are struggling to lose weight and achieve a healthy body.

This is because the body fat around the abdomen grows around organs and is responsible for inflammation within the body and can even lead to chronic disease.

Coconut oil works against this by reducing the fat in your abdomen which lead to less inflammation and overall better health.

Current studies show that coconut oil has overall positive effects on weight loss in the body, but it is the most effective in the abdominal area.

While it is true that coconut oil has a relatively small effect on weight loss in the body overall, these properties by themselves still add up to impressive health benefits.

When combined with a good diet and exercise, coconut oil could lead to a noticible improvement not only in person’s body weight, but also in their overall health.

Interested in Giving Coconut Oil a Shot?

Simply take your coconut oil twenty minutes before you eat and watch it work wonders on your appetite!

Mix it into hot water or tea for fun appetizer before any meal.

Be sure to asses how full you feel before you start eating and stop once you are satisfied! Try keeping track of your daily calorie intake to see the full benefits of coconut oil in weight loss.

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14 thoughts on “Discovering The Benefits of Coconut Oil in Weight Loss

  1. This is a very interesting post! I had actually never heard that Coconut Oil could be used for weight loss. I have used it to cook with, but never thought of it as a dietary supplement. I am not a fan of coconut and not very adventurous when it comes to trying something new, as in drinking coconut oil before a meal. Would it be just as beneficial to say, add coconut oil to a protein shake and take it in that way? Would love to know if it would still be beneficial. Thanks!

  2. Hi

    Great post, coconut oil is so much healthier than a lot of people realise.

    I started using it to cook with years ago and the health benefits have been incredible, I was always cooking with butter but if you’re trying to lose weight then coconut oil is definitely the better option.

    I’ll bookmark this baby for future reference – nice site! 🙂

    1. I’ve often used it as a replacement to cooking oils myself Ben – gives of a great fragrant taste doesn’t it?

  3. Wow that is an eye opener! It never occurs to me that coconut oil is a key to weight loss. I only know it’s good for health when my gf bought a bottle back . I’ve never been having a liking for coconut oil but since i’m currently getting a few pounds up, i guess i would give it a try. Thanks for the great information!

    1. No problem Mike, I wouldn’t say it’s the ‘key to weight loss’ as you put it, but it definitely can help! 🙂

      Good luck mate!

  4. Hey Chris, I have heard about coconut oil before but this is the first in-depth look that I have seen. How expensive is it to use as a cooking oil? Do you offer any recipes for coconut?
    Does the meat of the coconut have the same properties as the oil? I am trying to find out more about natural weight loss plants and herbs.
    How does coconut oil compare to green tea or garcinia Cambogia?


    1. No idea how it compares to green tea or garcinia Cambogia Marty – never had a reason to try out that test yet! (but maybe I will now!). It’s naturally more expensive than normal cooking oils but that’s always the case with the healthier options, isn’t it? 🙂

  5. Hi Chris: I am in my late 50’s and like a lot of other women my age have belly fat that just will not go away. I haven’t tried to cook with coconut oil yet but I do love the taste of coconut so I’ll give it a try. I don’t think that I would like to drink it straight. Do you know if cooking with it provides the same benefits as just drinking it?

    1. Of course Bethany, although I think the heat may take minor parts of the goodness out of it! It doesn’t matter how you get it in your body – just get it in there! 🙂

  6. Hey thanks for such an easy read for the benefits of coconut oil!
    I have been a coconut oil advocate for years! I love the taste! I love cooking eggs with it every day~

    I also have tried oil-pulling a little bit as well! (Many benefits to this as well)

    Thanks for the video !


    1. No problems Mike – and thanks for suggesting cooking eggs with it (never really thought of that one before – what do they taste like?)

  7. I enjoyed your article on coconut oil for weight loss, I also love coconut oil and all the health benefits it provides us and consume it regularly. You are right there are good fats and bad fats, but we do need some good fat in our diet to be healthy and maintain our weight.

    The only negative side of coconut oil for some people is it can cause them some digestive issues if they over consume, so I have learned to use it sparingly but regularly in small amounts.

    1. Yep I definitely agree with that mate – I learned the hard way a couple of years back (terrible stomach for about 6 hours!). Thanks for leaving your opinion with us 🙂

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