The Fast Metabolism Diet Review

Product: The Fast Metabolism Diet

Subject: The Fast Metabolism Diet Review

Author: Haylie Pomroy

Publisher: Harmony

Length: 272 Pages

Price: $15.00 ( Retail )

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Our Rating: 9 out of 10

A nationally recognized nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy’s most popular book certainly promises a lot. Simply based on reading the title, one can reasonably discern that the book will reveal tricks to eating generous portions of food while still losing weight, all with the aid of fast metabolism.

Naturally, such a process will require dieting. Like many self-proclaimed nutritionists attempting to market their diet and weight loss programs, this certainly promises a lot. Of course, the big question here is: Does Fast Metabolism Diet work?

Let’s go over Pomroy’s book and see if her ideas show promise, or like many others, lead a sense of false hope.

Amazon Reviews

As humans, it is in our nature to be skeptical about things. Call us “Doubting Thomases” if you will, but we want proof that something benefits us in some way before we wish to use it ourselves.

When it comes to dieting, exercise, or a wide array of other possible options, we want to hear other people’s testimonies about their experiences with a given product. Amazon’s reviews are widely recognized and trusted for their reliability and the mass quantity of individuals providing a review of said product, thus lessening the margin for error.

In this diet review, the goal is to discern the specific areas of Pomroy’s diet, what has been proven to work and not proven to work, and a final conclusion as to whether her book is worth purchasing.

Currently, Pomroy’s book has a respectable 4.2 star rating (out of 5 stars) on Amazon, certainly a good sign. The fact that there are currently 2,311 reviews (and counting) on the book also shows that Pomroy’s methods have stood both the tests of time and of effectiveness.

Among the ratings, 61 percent gave the book a 5-star rating, and 17 percent of raters gave it a 4-star rating. Only 12 percent of reviewers gave it a 2-star rating or lower (6 percent rating for 2-star and for 1-star rating).

Summary & Testimony

So what exactly is Pomroy’s method? While you need to buy the book to get the full experience and full positive aspects of the plan, the book’s description page on Amazon gives a few basic tidbits of information to gauge the reader’s interest.

Pomroy conducts a brief yet detailed Q and A about both her book and her plan, essentially highlighting the basic science and method behind her program. Pomroy uses a three phase method, which is as follows:

Phase One: Primarily focuses on fruit and whole grains
Phase Two: Emphasizes the alkalization of vegetables and lean proteins
Phase Three: Largely focuses on the balancing of proteins, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and healthy fats

There are also several testimonials from trusted professionals, including these:

“This is no “fad” diet. It is a proven method…to aid in the reparation of dysfunctional metabolism. Haylie’s wisdom and years of experience provides revolutionary results.” Jackie Fields, M.D.

“[Haylie Pomroy] is a weight loss guru… period. [Her method] works. I dropped 25 pounds in the initial 30 days, and 10 more pounds after that. I affectionately call [Pomroy] my witch. [Her method] feels like magic!” Swift Entertainment CEO

Naturally, there are a few professionals in certain fields that would have kind words to say about a particular product, so take these reviews with a grain of salt. Still though, the fact that certain professionals would have such strong words for this product greatly continues this initial sense of hope.

Pomroy also assures the reader that you don’t have to worry about calorie counting, so long as you follow the program closely. Additionally, once you finish the basic program, you simply have to maintain the Fast Metabolism lifestyle in order to keep up your progress. The diet itself still consists of a large quantity of food as well, so there’s no cause for worry about going hungry.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Haylie Pomroy’s book and the summary of her diet program, let’s look at the pros and cons of her program, as told to us by the thousands of proven members of her program, via Amazon.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

  • Right off the bat, many reviewers state that they’ve tried particular diets, including Weight Watchers, but Pomroy’s diet plan helped them the most. This is certainly both a great sign and an overall hope for promise.
  • The program comes with an app to help track weight loss and stay on schedule, which also helps to provide emotional support. It’s good to see that Pomroy is able to incorporate modern technology into her program, to keep up to date with her younger customers.
  • Essentially, it is amazing what long term effects sugar has on the body. The program focuses on natural foods, which makes it easy to see why it works so well.

The Cons:

  • Like nearly all successful diet programs, this one is challenging. You have to be able to have enough conviction in order to stay with the diet, and can NOT cheat on it. Even worse, you can NOT let any potential relapse bring you down and wipe out all of your progress.
  • Unfortunately, the potential serving sizes are small to some individuals who are used to large or somewhat large meals. This could be very disengaging for a potential diet user, although many individuals may not have any major problem with these portion sizes.
  • The amount of foods that must be given up is deceptively large, and expands into several main food groups, particularly dairy. Thoroughly read over the diet and what it asks you to give up before starting it.

Is It Worth The Purchase?

Overall, Haylie Pomroy’s book is not without its fair share of flaws, but overall it seems very useful and successful. After all, Pomroy is known for her work with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez – anyone who can make a woman over 40 look as good as her has to be doing something right – and LL Cool J.

This metabolism diet review exposed some issues with the portion amounts, but most people can look past that. If you are desperate for a proven way to lose weight, this may very well be the method to do it. Pomroy’s book is currently less than $15 on Amazon Prime; go get your copy!

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