The Fast Diet Review

Product: The FastDiet – Revised & Updated

Subject: The Fast Diet Review

Author: Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer

Publisher: Atria Books

Length: 256 Pages

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The Fast Diet is a book that introduces a revolutionary new dietary approach to weight loss. Code named the 5:2 Diet this new approach to intermittent fasting is the creation of the book’s primary author Michael Mosley.

The book, which has 256 pages, educates readers on how to reduce their calorie intake without having to alter their usual dietary habits. This book is a 2015 release and is an updated version of the first installment of the book.

The new version maintains the same dietary approach as the first. However, in the updated version are new concepts, menu plans as well as tips on how to cut down on your calorie intake. To determine whether this is the dietary book for you, below is the fast diet review.

Product Overview

The intermittent fasting approach from Michael Mosley, as presented in the book, is a straightforward calorie reduction strategy. Using this approach, you enjoy five days of regular eating and restrict your food consumption for two days. The two days need to be spaced out during the week. According to its authors, this plan has a tremendous effect on both women and men.

Though the two authors have varying approaches to intermittent fasting, the message is the same. While on normal days, you are free to enjoy whichever meal tickles your fancy. However, the book recommends sticking to a semi-balanced diet.

During your preferred fasting days consume foods that are low on calories. The book suggests a blend of proteins such as lean meat and carbohydrates such as legumes. Alcoholic beverages are completely off the menu during fasting days as per the program contemplated in the Fast Diet.

To satisfy your hunger pangs, the book recommends taking light snacks in between meals. The meals should be two per day, breakfast, and dinner. For the program to yield the desired results, the author’s recommend taking a total of 142 calories during breakfast and 341 calories at dinner time. This brings the total calorie intake per day to 483 calories.

The Michael Mosley Fast Diet

Contained within the book are 20 pages of testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients. The book also has 18 pages of a calorie counter that lists the various foods to consume during fasting days. The foods are presented in 100 grams portions.

Also, there are 10 different menu plans for maximum calorie intake reduction. These ten menu plans are backed up by ten pages of colored pictorial descriptions. The pictures show the two meals that are to be taken during fasting.

In the updated 2015 installment of the book, the authors introduce a number of new concepts. Moreover, the new updated version comes with a psychology section that explores the inter-relation between weight loss and an individual’s psychology. The book also features a new scientific research section by Michael Mosley.

The Michael Mosley Fast Diet book provides a holistic approach to intermittent fasting thanks to its authors. The book’s main author, Michael Mosley is a UK based medical presenter and journalist who is well known for his program dubbed the BBC Horizon Program Eat, Fast, Live Longer.

Michael came up with his radical new approach after being advised by his physician to reduce his calorie intake or risk High Blood pressure. Mosley devised the plan after researching extensively on intermittent fasting on the web.

Mimi Spencer is the co-author of the book, and she is a feature writer for magazines and newspapers. Mimi is the brains behind the practical aspect of Michael’s personal approach to dieting. She created menu plans and charts, which are ideal for women.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

  • Contains ten menu plans
  • Introduces a new concept to weight loss and dieting, which is worth a try
  • The language used in the book is straightforward and jargon-free and void of technical terms
  • Help both men and women drastically reduce their calorie intake
  • The authors are both experts in dieting
  • Topped the New York’s Best Selling Diet book
  • Has 256 pages and is thus not large

The Cons:

  • It is not a strategy that can suit everyone specifically not for pregnant women and diabetics
  • It is not ideal dietary plan for a family
  • This program is not ideal for young women
  • Some have criticized it for lacking a long-term solution

Who is The Book For?

The Michael Mosley Fast Diet book introduces a flexible dietary strategy that is not ideal for everyone. As such this strategy works best with a particular group of people.

For starters, diabetics cannot use this program as they require a constant supply of calories. Therefore, prescribing intermittent fasting to diabetics would be injurious to their health.

Additionally, pregnant women cannot use this program as they also require large amounts of calories for them and their unborn babies.

So who is the book for? The author’s target people who are loathe to the idea of formal meal plans. The flexibility of this dietary strategy translates to it being an alternative to formal and prescribed diets and meal plans.

Formal dietary plans are disadvantageous to persons with busy schedules. This is because for the plan to work they need to alter their daily schedules. The intermittent approach conceptualized in the book is a convenient and flexible alternative.

Therefore, this book is for persons who for one reason or another are unable to stick to a formal meal plan, chefs and food lovers who want to lose weight and for anyone else who feels this program can work for them.


One of the major drawbacks of using the Fast Diet book for your dietary needs is that it does not provide a long-term solution to weight gain. This is because fasting is only possible for a particular period. However, this does not mean that the book is useless; on the contrary, the wealth of information contained within its pages will be instrumental to your weight loss strategy.

Furthermore, the book incorporates the perspectives of the two authors. From this fast diet review, it is evident that although this program does not work for everyone it is nonetheless an effective dietary strategy.

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