Cutting Back on Sugar to Lose Weight

Cutting Back on Sugar to Lose Weight

In today’s society, more and more people have been trying to find new and reliable methods to try and lose weight. Everything from trying vegan diets, counting calories, even fad diets, have been tried over and over again, mostly with little to no actual profit.

However, there is one diet now becoming more and more popular in today’s health world. It is not a fad diet, but instead a well-researched and dependable method of losing weight, one that is supported by numerous health professionals.

This diet is one centered around cutting back on sugar to lose weight. Certainly this idea won’t be new to the majority of readers – numerous dietitians are constantly proclaiming the evils of sugar. But just how bad can sugar truly be? And how can it be avoided so easily?

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How it Works

The science behind this type of diet is truly quite simple. When sugar is consumed – be it in the form of simple sugar or carbohydrates – it is used for quick energy. When you engage in some type of physical activity, this stuff is on the front line, being burned off right away before your body turns to stored body fat for a slower, but perhaps steadier, form of energy.

This is just the natural body process – so where does the problem with sugar lie?

Well, the combination of eating too much sugar and not being active enough is easily the reason for that extra few pounds you might be packing; when you don’t expend this quick energy from the sugar, you will not be able to begin burning your body fat.

Sugar Sweets

In addition, that extra sugar energy must be stored somehow right? In even more in-depth science language, when your blood contains too much sugar, your pancreas goes into overdrive producing insulin to bring your blood sugar level down.

As a result, it dramatically slows down its production of glucagon, which releases the body’s stored energy. This is to blame for the storage of excess body fat.

So, when looking at the problem in this light, it is clear that excess sugar can easily lead to a weight problem – which is mostly why obesity has become so widespread in today’s world.

So What Can You Do?

To stop this unwanted effect, the solution is fairly simple: you must cut out sugar to lose weight. Simple sugars such as brown sugar, fructose, glucose, sucrose – perhaps even just the listing of the word sugar on the ingredients label, should be avoided at all costs.

Instead, to maintain a healthier diet, you must increase your intake of protein and complex carbohydrates. Lean meats, vegetables, whole grains – all foods in this area are incredibly important.

So, again, to stop the storage of excess body fat, try to consume as much whole foods as possible, and avoid sugar-rich, highly processed foods at all costs.

Tips For Becoming Sugar Free

Many of you might be thinking that it will be incredibly hard to avoid sugar like this. Especially in today’s unhealthy, incredibly processed, sugar-filled world. However, luckily, as the knowledge about the dangers of high sugar diets increases, so does the attempt to create healthy alternatives.

Even for those of you with a massive sweet tooth, options are available to eat the foods you like in a healthier way. There are so many sugar free alternatives now, such as foods filled with natural sweeteners such as Stevia.

There are Atkins (though this diet cuts out both simple sugars and complex carbohydrates) – affiliated products that provide delicious foods without the unwanted sugar content.

Jelly Babies

The main tips on cutting back on sugar are as follows:

1) Stop Drinking Sugary Beverages

Juice, soda, wine – anything with a huge amount of sugar in is just unnecessary (and yes, this includes putting three tablespoons of sugar in your morning coffee). You may not even realize just how much sugar you are consuming through your drinks throughout the day.

Perhaps you should try sticking to water as much as possible. It is suggested you even stay clear of sugar free beverages as well, as many of these have unhealthy sugar substitutes.

2) Eat Your Meats And Vegetables

Meats and veggies are incredibly important in this type of diet, so make sure to fill your plate with as much of these as possible. Of course, if you are vegan/vegetarian, make sure to get as much protein as possible in alternative ways.

3) Avoid Processed Foods

Again, as said before, processed foods are rarely healthy. Mostly likely, they are full of sugar and artificial ingredients – be careful of how much of this you consume.

4) Prepare For Cravings

When we consume sugar, our brain released dopamine – it is expected to crave the foods we believe make us happy. So, yes, at some point you will be craving sugar.

Find a plan to deal with this craving – be it finding a sugar free food you find satisfactory, or planning a cheat day once a week or month.

5 ) Get Other People Involved

If you tell others about your dieting plans, or even get some people to diet with you, you will be so much more motivated and likely to succeed! You will be far less likely to give up knowing you might be letting someone down. The more people you involve in your diet plans, the more likely you are to stick to it!

Tips For Becoming Sugar Free

In Conclusion

Losing weight can be a very difficult process, even incredibly frustrating. It can also be incredibly overwhelming, due to the sheer amount of options that exist, each proclaiming its own benefits and success rates.

However, hopefully this article may shed some light on what is truly one of the best ways to lose weight; limiting your intake on sugar. This is truly a very simple, and incredibly reliable way for weight loss to ensue.

You will have results, and you will begin seeing them quickly. By cutting down on sugar and maintaining at least somewhat of an active lifestyle, you will save yourself time struggling with fad diets that inevitably fail or diets that just aren’t worth their hype.

However, there is one type of healthy diet that is certainly worth the discussion, and that clearly is cutting back on sugar to lose weight. Good luck with your weight loss!

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32 thoughts on “Cutting Back on Sugar to Lose Weight

  1. Excellent article on why we need to cut back on sugar and also some great tips on how to reduce your intake. I started years ago reducing my sugar intake, and I believe it has helped me live healthier and be more fit while doing so

    I was raised as a kid on lots of sweets and such, and of coure there was always a lot of sugar in some of the foods Mom cooked (like pancakes covered in maple syrup, sweet sausages, cakes, cookies, and etc.)….

    While serving in the military, I got away from most sweets, I just lost my desire for them altogether. I also maintained a high state of fitness…

    Years later, the change in habits and lifestyle is reaping benefits still. I have of course gotten older, but compared to my peers, I am in good shape still.

    Your advice here is spot on. Peiple can change their eating habits as well as their exercise habits. It will only help them feel better, be healthier, and they will have a boost in self-esteem as well….

    Thanks for your post, I hope many poeople come by and take heed!!


    1. Hi there Dave, Thanks so much for the kind words on the article content 🙂
      Sounds like you’ve got complete control over the sugar in your life – well done mate!

  2. Oooh see that’s my problem right there. The Coke! I eat healthily, love my veggies and I am not much into processed foods but put a sugary, fizzy drink in front of me and I have lost. I am naturally very skinny, except I have a problem area… my tummy. After 2 babies, lots of Coke and no exercise well let’s just say that tummy might be here to stay for a while.
    I know how bad the Coke is and I must stop but I am sure it is addictive. I stopped drinking Coke a few years back and I had no problem staying away from it, but I am now back on it.

    1. Well Coke will ruin anyone’s diet Lynne – not the best choice of drink I’m afraid! It also contains quite a bit of caffeine so that’s where the addiction probably comes from. Not much more to say here – you need to swap that nasty drink for something a lot healthier I’m afraid Lynne!

  3. Hello Chris,
    Amazing article about Cutting Back on Sugar to Lose Weight.
    I have started a diet, which I have to undertake for medical reasons, for which I had to stop the sugar. I love sugar, chocolate, everything. And it has been very difficult for me. I have been for 5 weeks already without sugar and I did lose weight. It is a great diet and if you have the will-power to do it, people should definitely do it.
    My husband is on the same diet with me, which really helps me and keeps me going. But I know that in the beginning is hard, after that my body will get used to it!

    1. That’s great news Ilina! 🙂
      I’d like to know more about this diet you and your husband are on – please feel free to share it here if you have the time!

  4. its a good tips and advice for people that really love sweet, but have problem in losing their weight. I’m not a sweet eater. but in this generation losing weight is a big problem. I have some question.
    1.) is it true that the brain is working more faster in losing weight when you know how to feed ur brain in proper food that it need. than avoiding the caloric food?

  5. Great post and very topical. Who doesn’t want to cut sugars out their diets. We substitute sugar for honey in teas and coffees – is that better than stevia? I’d like to cut the sugars out more in our family really just to stay healthy. Some great advice. I’ll be back for more.

    1. Hi Duncan,
      I’d say that Stevia is probably the best choice but you’re definitely on the right track with honey – a great healthy alternative!

  6. Hello here, thanks for spreading message about harm of sugar. I am guilty one. I know that sugar is not good , but time from time I join army of these people, who can not rid from this bad habit. Usage of sugary foods is an addiction. Bad one.
    I heard from my favorite doctor, that in our blood stream circulate just 2 spoons of sugar. When people drink famous Coca-Cola, they get 8 spoons in one glass of this drink. After knowing these facts, I stopped for now. Time from time I think: where I put my bar of chocolate?
    There are a lot information about side effects of sugar, jus not so many people realize about consequences of this habit.
    I guess that we need more visual boards on highways. Just one question. Who will sponsor it? All companies are rich enough to put bigger boards.
    Anyway, I hope that thanks to human beings as you, people will recognize, that one minute of pleasure is not worth to suffer rest of life from diabetes or mental illness.
    Happy writing, Nemira.

    1. Hello Nemira,

      Yes Coke is a pretty awful drink – even the ‘lower sugar’ options are still loaded with bad things you don’t really want inside your body. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion 🙂

  7. I’ve always known that Sugar was bad, and sugar makes you fat. But you explain the why of this very well. It totally makes sense. I know when I’ve had periods of cutting out sugary foods, which I was looking at as fattening rather than the sugar content, then it has made a really big difference. But to look at it as sugar problem rather than fattening, is a new angle, for me, probably not for many. So this has helped alot.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      It’s great to hear that one of our articles has helped you so much – check out the others and don’t forget to share if you enjoy them! 🙂

  8. Hello there Chris

    Thanks for a very informative post. l must say i need in a single day enough sugar some will use in a week or more.
    l drink 3-4 coffees a day and each coffee is always with 3 sugar,apart from that l have a very healthy life style but cant seem able to get away from sugar.
    Thanks to your easy to follow tips l will give them and see if things get better.At the moment l do not have health issues due to my sugar intake but my weight is kind of piling up.

    1. Hi Roamy,

      Have you considered using sweeteners instead of sugar for your coffee intake? They taste a bit weird at first but over time you do get used to them! ( 3 sugars in each coffee is quite a high intake! )

  9. Hey Chris. Great post and I totally agree with you. I am about to start eating better, well as soon as I am over this messy business of quitting smoking.
    At the moment my sugar intake is well, quite through the roof, I am nibbling on sweets all day right now!
    Once I am over the cravings I am going to start working on a better eating plan and also some exercise. I have been following all your posts with great interest and I will be implementing your suggestions soon!

  10. Great and comprehensive article on cutting back on sugar to lose weight. This is one of the many ways to reduce your daily calorie intake to start burning that body fat. Thanks a lot for putting this out there. Although as you seem to be an expert in this weight loss field, I’d like to ask you if there are any good substitutes for venus program that you mentioned in the article? The venus factor has a bit controversial reputation so I’d like to hear your take on this matter. Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. I’m afraid not Jesse – The Venus Factor is by far the best option out there for women at the moment. What you need to realize is that EVERY weight loss product will get complaints – usually from people who fail to change their lifestyle and go back to their old eating habits!

  11. Excellent article! I used to consume a lot of sugar on a daily base since I drink lots of coffee. With getting older, I realised that I needed to reduce my sugar intake. It took a few years, but I now drink my coffee without any sugar. I came from 3 sugars per cup. Also, I drink a lot less soda and mostly water now. I didn’t do it to lose weight, but for the health benefits.

  12. Hey Chris,
    I like the fact that instead of suggesting shunning sugars completely you provide a much healthier and an easier option. It’s really crazy how much impact the little changes (switching coffee with sugar less tea and cutting down on Soda and processed food) have in the long term.

    People often think that you need to work out to lose weight but they overlook the fact that by eating right is just as important

  13. I’ve always assumed that sugar needed to be cut out to lose weight. It is very true that it’s burned off quickly, and that is of no benefit to our bodies! However, recently I learned of a study that was just conducted about whether or not sugar has all the impact. There was one researcher who ate nothing but twinkies and still shed pounds! The findings of the study were that exercise/burning calories is of higher importance than diet, although it is important to eat healthy. Had you heard of this study?

    1. I’ve heard of many studies like this Rachel but there are always parameters that are sort of ‘looked over’. Exercise will always take weight off you – no matter what you eat! Sugar will always put weight on you ( unless you exercise! ). You see where I’m going with this? 🙂

  14. Couldn’t agree more, cutting down on sugars and refined carbs is definitely the way to losing fat. All the exercise in the world won’t do it.

    I lost about 47 lbs just cutting sugary drinks, sweets and filling up on protein and complex carbs. Losing weight/fat is won in the kitchen not the gym.

  15. This was a great quick article in the dangers of sugar and how cutting it out can help people lose weight. I have seen all the documentaries and researched much myself about the evils of sugar. It is by far the most addictive thing I consume. I love that the documentary I watched called Fed Up (Netflix) said that lab rats were studied w sugar and Cocain. Only one lab rat choose the Cocain over the sugar. Only out like 40 studied or something. Crazy addictive stuff. I have really cut back on my processed food and choose to keep fresh fruits and veggies at my families finger tips to help us cut that sugar craving. But everyone loves a cookie after dinner 😉

  16. What a wonderful writing. I loved the way you have sketched it. I am not a fan of sweets and sugar but i do use. Like when i have a cup of coffee or tea, i prefer taking a tea spoon of sugar and that is it. I don’t know whether one spoon will also do some damage to health or it is just okay.

    But the worst thing is, that i am a huge fan of fizzy drinks. I know they are not good but i can’t control myself on that. what do you suggest?

    1. I always recommend trying out fizzy mineral water (plain). It’s pretty easy to get used to and refreshing when drunk cold.

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