Control Hunger While Dieting

Control Hunger While Dieting

While dieters might feel great about taking steps towards good health, it can be daunting to make such a big lifestyle adjustment. For individuals who love food, large portions, and eating whatever and whenever they please, dieting becomes the ultimate test of willpower.

If you happen to be one of these individuals, don’t give up! It IS possible to control hunger while dieting! By doing these five simple things you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals. Best of all, you won’t be starving yourself and you’ll feel better than ever!

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1) Just Add Protein

Many people who diet have the best of intentions but go about it in the wrong way. They think that in order to lose weight they must consume less calories. While this is true, consuming less calories will not work if you’re simply cutting portion sizes.

This is the recipe for hunger and sabotage. You don’t necessarily need to eat a lot less food just because you’re on a diet; choose foods that are high in nutrition and take longer to digest. When it comes to curbing your hunger, protein is your new best friend.

Just Add Protein

Your body takes longer to digest protein rich foods than any others, therefore you have a much longer time span until you begin to feel hungry again. To reap its full benefits, make sure you are getting plenty of protein with your breakfast.

You’ll have a more reasonable appetite for the rest of the day. Popular protein foods include eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, beans, tofu, nuts and of course poultry, lean meats, and fish. Make sure you are including a protein with each main meal.


2) Grain Is Good

While it might not be a great idea to scarf loaves of white bread if you’re on a diet, you do not have to give up all bread and pasta. Make sure they are made with whole grains and this will actually help curb your hunger. This is because whole grains are an excellent source of fiber – insoluble fiber to be more specific.


While your body can’t actually absorb insoluble fiber, the fiber sure can absorb water – leaving you with a full and happy stomach. Besides whole wheat bread and pasta, whole grains come in many delicious forms. Popcorn, oatmeal, and most varieties of rice fall into this category as well as buckwheat, barley, farro, and corn.

These whole grains foods often have more complex flavors and textures than their more processed and refined cousins; if you’re not already incorporating them into your diet you’ll wonder what took you so long.


3) Eat The Rainbow

We’re not taking about Skittles, but eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Not only are they loaded with almost all vitamins you can possibly think of, but they are your other best friend when it comes to helping you curb hunger while dieting.

Fruits and vegetables also contain fiber, both insoluble (think skins, stems, and seeds) and soluble (the part your body absorbs). Soluble fiber actually digests as a sort of a thick goo in your stomach. It takes longer to empty so you feel full.

Eat The Rainbow

Many people rave about their juicing machines. While they may create delicious concoctions that are full of vitamins, they are not getting the full goodness of the fruits and vegetables. Trying this as a snack or meal replacement will just lead to hunger sooner because the fiber is missing.

It’s best to just eat the fruit or vegetable if you really want to satisfy your appetite. Best of all, Mother Nature took a lot of the guesswork out of choosing which fruits and vegetables to eat. Try to eat as many different colors as you can to get the most balanced variety of nutrients.


4) Get Moving

While certain foods can help you to feel full longer, exercise can also help in this process. Won’t exercise make you work up an appetite? Not exactly. The answer to this actually might vary a little from person to person, but often those who possess faster metabolisms will get hungrier after a workout.

What regular exercise can do is make you want to eat more of those foods that help keep you full longer. Protein is an important component of all your cells and is necessary for repairing and building your muscles. To follow an exercise program, you must be able to do the exercise routines for consecutive days in a row. If you become too sore or weak that you can’t continue and have to take too long of a break, you might end up sabotaging your program and diet.


If you exercise regularly (and vigorously enough that your body feels challenged) you will find that you will start craving protein, whole grains, and vegetables. Your body knows that it performs and feels best with this kind of fuel.

The possibilities are pretty endless here; choose a form of exercise you enjoy and make sure you workout at least 4-5 days a week. It will also do wonders for your brain chemistry and overall attitude, so that you’ll feel more motivated and positive.


5) Food Is Your Friend

What happens if you get hungry while you’re on a diet?

Have a snack!

The longer you wait, you actually put your body into a sort of panic mode. You’ll start craving sweets and refined carbohydrates because your body will want what it can digest the quickest.

Unfortunately for you if you give into that temptation you’ll soon be hungry again and more likely to really chow down. When you start to feel hungry, have some fruit and yogurt, some almonds, banana with peanut butter, or some whole grain pita with fresh hummus.

Have your healthy snacks readily available. It may seem like you’re eating more, but you’re actually not. Imagine how much more food you’d consume if you tried to ignore your hunger!

Dieting can take a lot of effort and hard work, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Just by using these five simple tricks, your hunger will be under control, but your stomach and spirit will still feel full.

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47 thoughts on “Control Hunger While Dieting

  1. You are absolutely right about protein when it comes to kerbing hunger pangs and therefore eating less. I find this is true with pretty much any meal or snack. As soon as you add some protein, it takes longer to digest and, therefore, keeps you feeling full for longer. I find that if I add a spoonful of rice protein to my oaty cereal in the morning it keeps me going for a lot o longer.

    What is your favourite source of protein? Do you tend to go for meat or do you prefer a vegetarian option?

  2. Hey, Chris

    I have found it very difficult to control my hunger whilst on a diet because fruit just makes me feel more hungry, so maybe I’m not doing it right!

    These are some great tips, and you made me giggle away when you mentioned skittles 😛

    I will put your tips into practice, and your 21 day pound shedding link is also intruiging, so I’m gonna have to have a nosey, since I have unwanted baggage, so to speak.


    1. Well if fruit doesn’t do it for you Neil how about trying a handful of nuts ( in moderation of course! ). They tend to fill up the space quite well until your next meal 🙂

  3. Wow great. I’m trying searching one website to reduce my fat and here there are . I believe that your contents can much much help me to lose fat. I like your website, I think I will bookmark this website for my reference in the way to lose fat, for future.
    Your website looks alive and have useful information. I hope you will success with your website.

  4. Chris,
    Eating more sometimes helps you with weight control. You have to learn as you say to control hunger while you diet. It has to be a lifestyle change. Learning to eat the right thing when you are hungry is the correct method. I like how you have given five groups to help with snacks and meals. Giving up certain items will make people crave them when on a diet, you must substitute the proper items and drink lots of water, not soda or other sugar drinks.

  5. I’m glad I read your article as I could do with losing a few pounds but I’m not very good sticking with diets. Good tips to solve the hunger issues. I’ll try adding more protein, especially to breakfast. I have cereal/muesli with milk but find I am really hungry by lunchtime. I’ll try some of the protein sources you suggest. Hunger in an afternoon never seems as bad, probably because I have wholegrain bread for lunch most days. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Neil,
      I also find that hunger in the morning ( between 10 and 12 ) is a lot more powerful than hunger in the afternoon – the protein trick is a great way of getting over this! 🙂

  6. Far too often I have seen people try to diet, by consuming crackers and water or simply cutting out a meal completely. It is extremely important for people to know that if you want to live and eat in a healthy way, it’s about moderation, not the extremes. You’re so right! Food is your Friend. Without food, you have cravings, low blood sugar, unhealthy habits, and are overall much worse off.

  7. Hi Chris,

    Great article as usual:) I did a lot of diets especially when I was younger. I have starved myself and didn’t lose any weight and I was really confused about this. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t eating and not losing weight! Then I read a book if I remember the title was “Lose weight while eating ” It was about not to mixed the proteins and the carbohydrates.This diet helped me a lot to lose weight and it suited me very well.
    Thank you very much for this helpful blog

  8. well Chris, your 5th tip is my favorite “Food is your friend” !! ..All those trying to lose weight/fat should understand that this will happen only if they have their organized well balanced meals, not by reducing their meals !!
    my problem is that i’m a moody person and eating more or less food is directly related to my psychological status not to my stomach status !! Do you have any solution to that problem !!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Well I’m probably the wrong person to ask there – I’m afraid I suffer from terrible moods if I miss meals ( blood sugar levels I fear! ). The best way to handle it is to try and eat at all the right times…but keep things healthy!

  9. I just read your article and I find it very interesting since I am into fitness aswell and in these days its quite popular to hit the gym and lose weight etc! Though you are absolutely right about the intake of proteinand so on, but you arent mention much about exercising. I mean you do say that it could help ya out but in the end if you don’t burn more then you take in you won’t lose anything, right? So wouldnt excerising alot (I am thinking about cardio mostly) help you towards your goals much faster?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you are wrong I am just wondering =)

    1. Tobias,

      If you take a quick look around our site you will see hundreds of articles on the subject of exercise. This particular article ( above ) is simply covering how to control hunger pangs – nothing more!

  10. Dear Chris,

    I had to check this Blog Post out because the name of the Website interested me. The Calorie Ninja. Taking On the Good Fight to Burn Calories.

    Love the Logo too, super cute! ^_^

    For individuals who love food, large portions, and eating whatever and whenever they please, dieting becomes the ultimate test of willpower.

    Aww, this relates so much to me now.

    I love food in general.

    Eat The Rainbow I wanted to hear the words: Feel the rainbow, taste the rainbow here. Lol.

    Food is your Friend.

    Reminded me of Bruce the Great White Shark’s saying in Finding Nemo. “Fish are friend, not food.”

    I love this Blog Post, makes me hungry yes, but you offer great advice on what is considered good in a diet versus that which is bad.

    Need to go grab some popcorn, whole bread, and pasta to eat and remember Chris’ Blog Post. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  11. I didn’t know protein while dieting was important in order to not feel hunger and that it’s best consumed at breakfast. Sometimes I will have eggs for breakfast and I’ve noticed that during the day I don’t feel hungry. I guess I know why now. This is a very interesting article. I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles and will bookmark your website. 🙂

    1. Hi Ali, thanks for the bookmark! Great hear that you enjoyed the article and you’re already hitting up the protein for breakfast! 🙂

  12. This is great information. You are so right about protein helping to slow down digestion and keep you full longer. I like to eat fresh fruit for breakfast, but I found it didn’t last very long until I added a bit of cottage cheese (which has protein). Now I stay full all morning and really am not hungry for lunch! Have you ever heard that spinach is good for sweet cravings? I’ve tried it and it does seem to work when I eat more spinach.
    Thanks again for sharing these tips.

    1. Hi Debby,

      Spinach for sweet cravings? Well that’s a new one on me! Thanks for sharing that with us – very interesting! 🙂

  13. Fantastic protein article it’s true about proteins and yet people turn to things like bread to fill them… Also he good to know about the diffrent types of protein such as whey and casein and other types and were be best to get them from and is there better times to eat them

  14. There is a lot of valuable information in this post! Bravo. You are so right about juicing. So many people rave and rave about their juice machine or juicing diet. However, so many of the valuable nutrients we need from fruits and vegetables come from the skin and flesh. These are the things juice machines leave out. Snacking on fruit or vegetable goes a lot longer than juicing.

    Great job!

    1. Throw the skin in as well Brandy! Nothing wrong with adding a bit of bite to your juice ( they don’t have to be totally smooth! ) 🙂

  15. Hi Chris,
    This is awesome! I really think you have uncovered some of the great truths about dieting in this single article. My favorite word you used near the beginning is “lifestyle”. Quite often to succeed at dieting and being healthy overall, a lifestyle change is needed. By this I mean making a long term commitment to eat the foods you have identified and taking regular exercise. If you do this, your health with usually take care of itself. Yes, we will all be subject to temptation occasionally and it’s a good idea not to live in a state of “denial” – after all denial has negative connotations. I think a good idea is to let yourself have what you consider a treat occasionally, enjoy it, and move on.
    Thanks for an enjoyable article.

  16. Great tips here. I could definitely use some exercise, though It is very difficult to make it happen with work commitments and personal agendas. The part where you talk about protein is definitely true, I think that it is not healthy to just cut down portion sizes to lose weight, for me I need the energy to carry out more physical work, therefore, I need enough calories. Great article!

  17. Wow, now this is really useful information and tips, which I can immediately apply to my daily dieting routine. It’s easy to get the concept of dieting all twisted, by not understanding how it all works. It pays to be in the know and I’m happy I ran into this interesting read. You see, I always thought cutting back on the portion size and eating much less was the total key. I like that not only you suggested to “Eat” but you’ve given a list of suggested foods that are protein friendly. It’s enlightening to know that I don’t have to totally starve myself to “reap the fruits” of dieting (lol). Staying full and getting rid of the hunger pangs is one of my biggest challenges. However, I’m so glad to know that nuts are a great source of protein because I love nuts and beans. However, another problem is I tend to have the “over eating syndrome” …So I eat too much of those safe foods which I would imagine puts me back in the red zone. What tips do you suggest for the overeaters of the foods that are safe to eat? Or are there any (safe) foods in this universe, that you can eat as much as you like, without worrying about the harmful effects?

    1. Well its simply a case of eating until you are full – and going no further! If you have that stuffed feeling inside your belly you have gone way past the mark I’m afraid! Overeating isn’t great no matter how healthy the choice of food Bev!

  18. Thanks so much for your post. I’ve been through countless diets myself, all of which have failed and starved me, making me miserable in the process. I have been doing a lot of research recently to try and find out what went wrong but overall I think it’s my attitude about food. I’ll definitely be giving the Fat Diminisher System a try, but if I want to lose more weight can I do two succeeding cycles?

    1. Hi Julie, what do you mean by two succeeding cycles? We’re a little bit confused here! Let us know and we’ll get back to you asap! 🙂

  19. Another great post, Ninja! After lots of experimentation, I have found that plenty of low fat protein combined with fiber is the best combination for appetite control. Also, I agree that it’s important not to let your hunger level get too high because it only increases the likelihood that you’ll lose control – sometimes a timely snack can really help you avoid a binge.

  20. You offer some good practical ideas that those who want to lose weight can start right away. Until recently, I didn’t know that proteins were so filling. I guess it’s one of those ideas that’s so basic we don’t think about it much. I like the “eating a rainbow” idea for remembering to take in a variety of produce. Thanks for the great reminders!

  21. Hi there,

    Excellent article on diet! I was previously a personal trainer so I can honestly say that you’ve put these tips across in a way that’s easy to understand for the layman.

    I like that you included the recommendation on exercise too, because that’s a really important aspect of weight loss, but people tend to be afraid that it makes them hungrier.

    Great website btw – I’ll definitely be back to check it out in greater detail!

  22. Great advice here. I struggle with binge eating – I never was diagnosed with disorder but all signs are there. Being on a diet never has anything with hunger for me. Sure being hungry can cause binge eating but when “I’m on a roll”, hunger is not an issue. Much worse is when binge eating gets better of me, I can be full to the point of feeling sick and I would keep eating. I agree that protein will make you feel full for longer and I eat lots of protein when trying to lose weight. I haven’t figured out how to get rid of binge eating completely, it comes and goes. Really frustrating when trying to lose weight and it takes you forever to get there.

      1. Anything made of chocolate or flour (I simply love bread). Chocolate is fairly easy, I just do not have it at home. In last couple of years, things really got out of control. It looks like I should not have food at home at all because when I go “on a binge”, I will eat whatever is available at the moment. I`m currently on my second week trying to get myself together. Let`s see how it goes. Food shouldn`t be my enemy!

  23. Nice! I have always been interested(since I’m very curious) on the many different ways food affects your body, the nutrients it provides and such. I had an idea of the protein advice but this helps me to reassure it, and of course, exercise plays a very important part of being healthy. In fact, your summary is quite amazing since it covers basically everything. Will bookmark this to never forget these easy steps to stay fit…thanks for posting! Like your design too!

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for the kind words on our article – hope the advice serves you well in the future! Stay healthy!!!! 🙂

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