Clean Your Lymphatic System Naturally

Clean Your Lymphatic System Naturally

Trying to determine a good way to purify your lymphatic system which has been polluted due to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle is not easy.

There are many different ways to do so, and I’ve tried quite a few along the way, but the one that I set out to try lately is the lymphatic cleanse.

Here are some things that I’ve discovered about cleanses in general and how to clean your lymphatic system naturally.

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Types of Cleanses

There are a lot of different ways that you can cleanse your body, targeting different parts of your body using different nutrients.

For example, the fruit juice cleanse allows you to replenish the depleted vitamins and minerals from your body while the detox cleanse allows you to rid your kidneys, colon and the rest of your body of toxins.

A lot of cleanses also focus on removing a specific type of food or food group from your diet like red meat, dairy or gluten.

While cleansing can have a positive effect on your body, you should also be aware of some of the risks of eliminating certain foodstuffs from your diet entirely.

In order to maximize the health effect of a cleanse, it’s best to speak to your family doctor before starting.

When it comes to different types of cleanses, I have always been most interested in ones that target entire systems within the body.

That’s how I heard about the lymphatic cleanse, targeting the system that functions as a waste filter and elimination mechanism within the body.

Here are some facts about the lymphatic system and how it helps the body stay healthy…

The human body and the lymphatic System

Systems within our bodies employ different organs in a systemic way to maintain balance within and keep us healthy.

There are 11 of these systems, including the digestive system in charge of proper nutrient absorption, the nervous system which transmits impulses between different parts of our body and the circulatory system which ensures our blood is flowing correctly.

However, the system we know less about, but that is just as important for our overall well-being, is the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic systemThe lymphatic system is in charge of protecting the body from disease by filtering and eliminating any toxins or waste that is ingested by us or produced by our bodies.

It does so by deploying lymph nodes, the spleen as well as a system of vessels which are in charge of transmitting fluids that protect us throughout our bodies.

One of the most important roles of the lymphatic system is building up the body’s ability to counteract disease through immunity.

It protects us from various harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi by using white blood cells.

However, systems do not work isolated from one another so the lymphatic system contributes to a person’s overall health by working with the digestive system to help rid the body of fats.

So when the lymphatic system slows down, the overall effect on your body can be serious.

This usually happens as a result of damaging factors originating from the environment (e.g. pollution) or directly from your unhealthy lifestyle (lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet, etc.).

Taking care of your lymphatic system is important and there are a few ways you can do so.

Eliminate Negative Habits

1) Eliminate Foods That are Hard to Digest

Hard to digest foods such as dairy products, white flour, red meat and shellfish can have a negative impact on the digestive tract and consequently on the lymphatic system as well.

You should either steer clear of these products entirely or at least try to find substitutes which could lessen their negative impact on your body.

For example, you could try substituting white flour for whole wheat.

2) Eliminate Foods That are Processed

Canned foods and processed meals can have a very negative impact on your lymphatic system. On top of the toxic materials which are used to extend their shelf-life, they also contain very few nutrients and vitamins.

Rather than making these products a part of your diet, it is best to resort to fresh fruits, veggies and meat.

3) Throw Out Your Non-Natural Cosmetics

Although this is something that we pay less attention to, harmful chemicals in cosmetics are also able to pollute our lymphatic system by seeping through our skin and into our blood.

In order to make sure you are reducing your toxicity levels, read the labels on all your cosmetic products before using them and try to stick to known brands with a reputation for using natural ingredients.

Reinforce Positive Habits

1) Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eliminate all harmful toxins. In particular, yoga seems to offer a very balanced approach as certain poses reduce stress and encourage lymph drainage, though any type of regular exercise will have a positive effect.

2) Drink a Lot of Water

Water intake is crucial to maintaining your health. In addition to helping with digestion, water also helps with the elimination of toxins. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day!

3) Eat Foods That Help With Digestion

A lot of foods such as green leaf veggies, nuts and seeds are not only healthy snack foods with a lot of nutrients and minerals, but are also great for digestion.

Getting your bowels moving is important because it allows you to eliminate harmful materials quicker.

4) Eat Organic Foods

Making sure you consume organic food is important because it allows you to avoid harmful materials such as pesticides, antibiotics and hormones which are used to produce veggies, meats and fruits.

This allows you to limit you intake of toxins, which your lymphatic system will thank you for!

5) Try Lymph Drainage

A lymphatic drainage massage is a beneficial way of massaging specific pressure points which promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid and contributes to a speedy release of toxic matter.

6) Try the Lymphatic Cleanse

A lymphatic juice cleanse could be a great way to supplement your other healthy habits and clean your lymphatic system naturally.

This cleanse will leave you with a fresh, healthy feeling and flush out all of the harmful toxins from your system.

You can begin the cleanse by selecting between carrot, apple and grape juice.

Afterwards, for the next three mornings, to promote your bowel movements, drink a glass of water as well as 8-10 ounces of prune juice mixed with the juice of one lemon.

During the day, alternate between the three different juices mentioned above until you drink 1 gallon each.

You can add lemon to and/or water to any of the juices to regulate sweetness. 1-3 times per day, mix 1 tbsp of wheat germ, flax seed or borage with 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp of kelp and 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper.

Happy cleansing!

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14 thoughts on “Clean Your Lymphatic System Naturally

  1. It is so important, and even more so as we grow older, to exercise, eat healthily and drink a lot of water. I totally agree with you! You are very smart when you advise us to throw away our non-natural cosmetics. Yes, they can harm us for sure! You brought up a great point and I think that every women should do the very same! Thanks for the great advice.

    1. Thanks for saying so – great to hear that our advice hit home with you! Have a great day and stay healthy! 🙂

  2. Hi Chris. I have been active with weight loss efforts for many years myself. I didn’t start until I was about 45 years old though. I was never really fat, but the pounds had certainly packed on. I’ve never really did a cleanse though. I’ve had real good results from watching what I eat, and from lots of exercise. I may try this cleanse though. It sounds logical and like it will probably help. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the info, JIm

    1. Yeah the pounds creep up after 30 don’t they Jim – I know the feeling mate! 🙂

      Cheers for reading our advice on the lymphatic cleanse – glad you enjoyed!

  3. Thanks for this very helpful article. I am going to try out some of these tips.

    I was wondering if this could help get rid of my under eye bags. I’ve heard that is related to the lymphatic system in some ways. I’ve heard of people massaging the under eye area to promote lymph drainage.

    What do you reckon?

    1. To be honest I’ve never heard of that Hannah but I’ll look into it today – could be another article in there somewhere! 🙂

  4. Really good job putting this post together. I am so happy about people sharing information about how to be healthy and taking care of yourself. I have been a vegetarian about 3 years now as I have always felt that meat just stays in my body for such a long time. 3 weeks ago I decided to take on another challenge (for a month) and eliminate dairy + gluten + alcohol + sweets completely, I never had cleanse as my goal just wanted to see how I felt and It has been awesome. I think I will for sure keep this going for a longer period of time. Thank you for all the good information Chris 😉
    Take care

  5. Thank you for not just saying “to clean out your lymphatic system it takes a lifestyle change”! I really appreciate that while you emphasized the obvious lifestyle change required, you highlighted in detail what needs to be changed and you included recipes. I love that you highlighted organic foods especially seeds. I think seeds are highly underrated.

    1. No problem Michael – most health blogs just blame the lifestyle and then leave it at that…but we certainly don’t go down that route!

      Great to hear you also enjoyed the recipes we’ve included here – feel free to share them wherever you see fit!

  6. Hi Chris,
    Great information again.
    I’m starting to feel like I know you!
    I noticed another lady asked about eye bags and that is definitely an issue for me too.
    My eye bags were worse recently when I was away with my family for a few days and didn’t have my usual healthy high fiber oatmeal for breakfast and we also ate out for every meal which probably upped my sodium intake.
    My eyes looked really puffy. Of course air travel didn’t help but I really think it was the not so great food.
    Please let us know if you have any great tips for eye bags!

    1. Hello once again Alison!

      Unfortunately I’m a man so I haven’t really delved deep into the subject of eye bags. I will get one of our female health writers to pop onto this article and see if she can help you out with this subject (it’s above my manly pay grade!!!!) 🙂

      Great to have you back here once again!

  7. Hello Chris

    This is quite an engaging article, with many important health points. It also showcases all the things that health boffins are constantly trying to teach us about keeping your body safe from harm.

    I like that you approached this concept of clean living with this method that you’ve shown here, and you have all these steps that people can start to do.

    I am severely overweight and have recently tried to adopt the concept of clean living, and have lost almost 10kg in one month…it also really isn’t hard because it isn’t dieting.

    Thank you again for an awesome article.

    1. Wow almost 10kg in one month! Well done mate – you definitely get the ‘visitor of the month’ award off us!

      That’s a completely awesome start to changing your mindset and you really are on the right path. A simple switch to the concept of clean living and look at the results!

      Wonderful to hear from you Dee – well done!

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