Cayenne Pepper Benefits For Weight Loss

Cayenne Pepper Benefits For Weight Loss

We are always looking for natural ways to burn more fat, without resorting to difficult diets and exercise regimes, and this is why the idea of adding a little cayenne pepper to our diets is so interesting.

It is said that just half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper a day can have an impact on the amount of calories we burn, which could mean that it is a simple, effective way of aiding weight loss.

In 2009, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that showed that while the use of cayenne did not lead to an increase in weight loss, it may have been more beneficial for reducing abdominal fat than a placebo.

While this isn’t the most ringing endorsement in the world, this, along with plenty of testimonials from keen users on cayenne pepper benefits for weight loss, suggests that there really is potential here.

What is it about cayenne that makes it so effective and how can we incorporate it into our diets.

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It’s all About Capsaicin & Thermogenics

This may all sound a little bit scientific and technical, but the effect is actually quite simple.

The heat from spicy food and a hot pepper isn’t just the sensation of taste, Cayenne peppers can actually raise the body temperature.

The effect of this is not to simply make us sweat a little more while we east this food, but to create reactions within the body and digestive system.

The thermogenic properties of Capsaicin allow the body to speed up the metabolic rate, improving the amount of calories that are burned.

One study showed that those that used one half teaspoon a day were able to burn around 10 more calories in a 4 hour period.

This may not sound like a lot, but it can make a difference in a long-term diet plan.

Cayenne can also help to decrease the appetite, limiting the amount of calories consumed, but this seems to be more effective in those that are not used to spicy foods.

Fans of Mexican food that add more pepper to their meals may not reduce cravings to the extent of those that don’t eat spicy food and take capsules.

So how can this thermogenic agent be used to great effect in our diets?

There are a number of cleanse diets and drinks that use cayenne pepper extracts as one of few ingredients, with the ultimate aim of detoxing the body for quick, effective weight loss.

This method is not recommended for two important reasons: this form of yo-yo dieting does not introduce this agent into the diet in a normal, healthy way and the drinks don’t taste very nice.

Adding a teaspoon of ground cayenne to a glass of water each day is a much safer, and palatable way to drink this fat burning extract, while others prefer to add the spice to a cup of green tea.

Again, the taste can take some getting used to and may not be for everyone, but this option provides the added benefits of all those antioxidants and nutrients from the tea.

This drink can be a great accompaniment to a session of exercise or yoga.

It is believed that drinking green tea during yoga can significantly increase the likelihood of burning calories, which therefore suggests that a dash of cayenne can only improve matters further.

An alternative option is to simply use more of the spice in your cooking, although this can be tricky on a daily basis and requires a love of spicy food.

For those that do not like the taste of Cayenne, but still want to enjoy the potential weight loss benefits, there is the option of over-the-counter supplements.

These capsules contain an appropriate dosage that can get straight to work without you having to taste anything.

It should also be noted that you cannot expect the capsules and drinks to work on their own, they are simply aids to improve the impact of your exercise regime and diet.

This Simple Spice

The potential cayenne pepper benefits for weight loss may not be that radical, and you may find that it only helps to limit your appetite, but this can make a big difference if you are struggling to lose weight and find yourself snacking too often.

With a simple teaspoon of pepper in a cup of green tea or in a meal, you could find that your metabolism rises, the fat begins to burn away faster and you can stick to your diet more easily.

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12 thoughts on “Cayenne Pepper Benefits For Weight Loss

  1. Oh wow Chris you just keep bringing out the most amazing tips and useful information.
    I have never heard this about Cayenne Pepper but I am so going to give this a go…. I think adding Cayenne Pepper to Green Tea will be the option I’ll try first.
    What a cool thing to try.

    1. Hi Lynne,

      Glad you like the options we’ve put up here (again!). Thanks for stopping by and following our work all the time – great to have you on board! 🙂

  2. I forsee a lot of people who read this article to try eating Cayenne Peppers in an attempt to burn belly fats lol.

    The theory of eating spicy food will cause weight loss sure is interesting. But your explanation made sense as it raises our temperature, making us sweat. Wonder why I never thought about that myself.

    Will give this a try when I manage to find a Cayenne Pepper where I live!

    1. Yeah I don’t think chomping down on hot food by itself will shift that flabby belly Fiq – but I’m glad you get the point of the article overall 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,

    Very interesting read about cayenne peppers contributing to weight loss and how they increase your metabolism. I’ve studied several methods of losing weight over the years but I haven’t crossed paths with this one. How should it be consumed though?

    I live in South East Asia and over here I once read that Asians like to eat spicy food as it forces them to drink more water.


    1. Well I prefer to add it to foods Craig but some people opt to take it straight! I did try this once but it resulted in me having a terrible stomach for the remainder of the day (so I don’t recommend it!).

  4. I would love to try the teaspoon in water or tea but I am afraid 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper would blow my mind (and burn the roof of my mouth out!) So I am going to try looking for the capsules. I didn’t know that you could get cayenne in this form before. I have heard of the benefits however, but the taste (heat) had turned me off. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yeah I don’t blame you Jodes. You also need to be careful of your stomach as it can cause…unfortunate problems (of the runny kind!) 🙂

  5. Hi there. I am on a vegan diet but I never really fancied taking on cayenne or chilli products. I have never liked the hot stuff. However, what I have found is that as I am getting older, whatever weight loss I am generating includes some muscle loss. and although I have lost a lot of middle body weight, there is some still hanging about. Do you think the cayenne idea will solve that problem. I suppose I could possibly get used to cayenne in green tea if I tried hard. Are the capsules a suitable substitute, or is the pepper itself the best option ?
    Great article. Thanks for this info.
    Regards, Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      Well exercise is the only real way of shifting those final few pounds around the mid-section – it doesn’t have to be full-on exercise, just a brisk walk etc.

      Cayenne could probably help with this but you need to mix in a bit of exercise as well – how often do you exercise?

  6. It looks like I need to start adding more cayenne to my diet – when my friend mentioned this to me recently I thought she was just pulling my leg!

    I had to come online and find out more about it!

    Thanks for the informative article. I’m curious on how you would rate cayenne for weight loss up to other herbs and spices, such as cinnamon? Would it be more or less effective overall? I can’t start adding every spice to my cabinet in the hope it will help me lose weight!

    Also, what drinks or foods (other than water, that just doesn’t sound very good at all!) would it be good in? Is there a good protein shake recipe I could add it to?

    It sounds like an awesome additive to go for on the weight loss front but it also seems like it’s pretty hard to digest…

    Would you agree?

    1. Hello Jenni,

      Yes I would say it’s very difficult to digest – I’m saying that from experience! Also, you need to be careful about how ‘raw’ you consume the cayenne…stomach problems are only around the corner with it (you know what I mean right?).

      Each spice etc has it’s own effect on weight loss so I really wouldn’t go as far as comparing one to another. What I will say is cayenne is also excellent for heart health as well as weight loss – so make your own mind up there! 🙂

      As for drinking it – dodgy subject once again in my book…I wouldn’t try it! I always used to add it with a splash of olive oil to a big salad – spread it out a bit!

      Hope this helps…


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