Why Do My Legs Ache After Running?

Why Do My Legs Ache After Running


Those of you that are regular to this site will know that I’m a runner – it’s my weapon of choice for cardio and for keeping that dreaded ‘beer belly’ at bay!

I started running in my mid thirties, and I’m now in my forties…unfortunately the wear and tear of running is multiplied on my body these days.

So why do my legs ache after running? Why can’t I run as far as I used to? Why am I in pain ALL DAY LONG after a decent run?

Let’s take a closer look…


Legs Hurt After Running

So I’m a runner – I love the way it feels, I love the way it ploughs into the fatty parts of my body and gets rid of them, and I love the routine and discipline of it.

When I turned 40 I had an arrival I was not planning for in life – my second son. Of course I was over the moon, but I’d already gone through fatherhood with my first son, and I was ‘getting on a bit’ in my eyes.

Anyway, this arrival put itself firmly in the way of my daily exercise, and rightly so, but I’ve struggled to recapture my total fitness ever since.

I never used to ache that much after running – now I’m near enough on my hands and knees crawling around after every run!

It doesn’t stop me from running, but it sure makes the day drag on…and on…

So what happened?

Did I really lose that much of my fitness in that period?

Will I ever get it back?

Why do I ache so much after running these days?

Legs Hurt After Running


Why do I Feel Pain After Exercise?

Okay, the first thing I should point out here is that there is no need to worry about aching ‘whatever’ after exercise – this is completely normal (you’re not a freak – it happens to the best of us!).

In most cases this kind of muscle stiffness or ache is normal, doesn’t last long, and is actually a sign of your improving fitness (famous last words!).

Have you ever heard of delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS?

Well this is the kind of ache that most of us will be experiencing after running etc. It can take place when we first start a fitness regime, when we are overtired (and still run) and even when we up the intensity of our training.

This DOMS is behind the ache you/we feel after running.

It’s important to point out that absolutely anyone can be effected by this DOMS – even athletes that have been training for years. I’ve been running near enough full time for about a decade now, and I still get it (more and more frequently the older I’m getting!).


What Can You do About This Pain?

Well unfortunately there is no real cure for this – nothing is proven to be effective 100%.

You can try resting, using ice packs, or even painkillers, but there is no real cure for it.

One of the best ways to prevent DOMS is to start any new activity programme gently and gradually. Allowing the muscle time to adapt to new movements should help minimise soreness.

I tried taking on a professional warming up routine, and I’m still trying to prefect it to this day.

Has it helped me with the pain?

Nope, but I try!

What Can You do About This Pain?


Can You Exercise Through This Pain?

Yeah of course you can – I do it all the time, but it can get a little uncomfortable at times, and the pain can build after each run (picture yourself crawling around the living room trying to get to the kitchen!).

The soreness should go away once your muscles have warmed up…but unfortunately there is a 99.9% chance the pain will return once your muscles have cooled down and you decide to run again!

If you find it too painful to run with this pain, then you should DEFINITELY stop. Maybe think about a bike ride or concentrating on other muscles instead?


Why Do My Legs Ache After Running?

At the end of the day this is nothing more than a type of muscle conditioning, which means your muscles are adapting to the new activity. I have been told (on numerous occasions) that there’ll be less muscle tissue damage and less soreness the more used to the exercise you are.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case when age creeps into the equation.

If the pain is too much then stop for a couple of days – there’s no use in ending up like a slug who struggles to get up off the sofa, you’re trying to get fitter after all!

I wish I could say that it isn’t going to get worse the older you get, but that is not my experience with it (so far!).

Have you experienced this kind of ache and pain?

Do you know of any cures?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


The Best Abdominal Exercises To Do At Home

The Best Abdominal Exercises To Do At Home

In this article we will be taking a look at the best abdominal exercises to do at home. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer OR a gym membership – but controlling your stomach line doesn’t have to be that costly…

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Why Belly Fat is The Last to Go?

First of all, some people are genetically set up to carry more weight around their midsection, whilst others tend to store fat around the thighs or hips.

Men are more likely to fall into the belly bulge trap and develop excess fat around the stomach. Women tend to follow suit when they get through the menopause.

It’s worth noting that if older members of your family struggle to lose weight around their midsection, genetics could condemn you to the same fate!

This just means that you will have to go that extra mile to lose belly fat – try that little bit harder.

Changing things you can control, like your food intake and how much you move also has a huge impact on weight loss.


First things first – we just had to include a workout video that starts with the mighty caption – ‘Washboard Wednesday’

I mean – how cool is that?

But it’s not the only reason behind us showcasing the video here, this is an excellent exercise setup for both men and women looking to burn on those abs.

The video course goes through the following segments:

  • Two down One Ups for 45 seconds with extinction at 45 seconds
  • Figure 8’s for 60 seconds with extinction at 60 seconds
  • 21 Crunch for 12 reps with extinction at 12 reps
  • Scissor V Ups for 45 seconds with extinction at 45 seconds
  • Hip Touch Planks x 15 each side with extinction at 15 each side
  • Russian V Tuck Twists x 16 reps each side with extinction at 8 reps

This home ab workout system follows the A-X six pack progression. This takes you through all of your home ab exercises in a specific sequence. You want to perform your lower ab exercises when you feel in top notch with your energy and strength (when you are at your freshest exercise point) because these exercises are very challenging.

The instructions in the video are setup to be used around 5-6 times per week for optimal results. It’s also a good idea to make sure your nutrition habits are in check before you take this video on!


We decided to include two exercise setups in this post because the first offering wasn’t totally ‘female-friendly’ in our book! Sure, it’s aimed at both men and women, but sometimes tutorials taken by the same sex athletes work best.

This particular exercise plan comes from YouTube’s holistic health princess Sarah (from the channel Sarah’s Day).

Why Belly Fat is Hard to Lose

Yeah, you’re not imagining things…and you’re certainly not the only one out there!

Belly fat is, and always will be, harder to lose than fat in other areas of your body.

Remember that exercise alone will sometimes fail, even if you go at it like a maniac!!!!


Well a lot of people put up barriers without even realizing it – alcohol consumption, eating too many processed foods, eating the wrong fats, stress, not getting enough sleep….

The list goes on and on – and all of these factors can effect your weight loss efforts!

If you have any questions regarding the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

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Stay Fit and Live Well – Great Video Channel

Stay Fit and Live Well - Great Video Channel

I thought we’d mix things up a little bit today and take a step away from the more ‘traditional’ posts I put up on here.

I was actually in two minds whether or not to post this article to the Video Section of the site, but I felt the whole channel (we will be covering) needed a mention in a short article…

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Carly Rowena

Carly Rowena is a Personal Trainer and Fitness blogger from the UK (I’m not biased – honest!) and her channel was brought to my attention by a very informative article titled 15 OF THE BEST HEALTH & WELLNESS YOUTUBE CHANNELS.

I should start by saying that ALL of the channels covered in the linked article were quality, but Carly’s stood out the tallest (from my point of view!).

Below is an example of one of the video releases she posts to her channel:

She describes herself as “the girl next door who never wants to have to turn down a meal just to stay in shape, I’m all about independence and finding a healthy and happy way to feel incredible in our own skin”.

I think that this is the most important factor for me – she’s incredibly easy to relate to and her videos don’t really make you feel like a health failure!

On her website she goes on to happily admit that she struggled to find a career that fit around her all through her life, and finally took to YouTube in the hope that it would point her in the direction of her talents.

Well her view count and her subscriber list suggest that she really has finally managed to pinpoint a career she rocks in!

As I said, this post/article is a step away from the norm today, but if you are interested in finding a new YouTube channel that offers simple and effective advice on how to stay fit and live well – this channel is definitely worth checking out.

Here is the link – https://www.youtube.com/user/Carlyrowena

I’ll end by pointing out that these channels need comments/support to grow even bigger – so please don’t leave any comments underneath this article (for once!). If you enjoy Carly Rowena’s videos let her know by voicing your opinions below her uploads or even subscribing.

I hope you enjoy the channel as much as I did!

Stay Healthy! 🙂

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If I Lose Weight Will My Cellulite Go Away?

If I Lose Weight Will My Cellulite Go Away?

When the dreaded mirror first decides to highlight the bumps and lumps that indicate cellulite it can be a complete confidence destroyer.

The first, and most understandable action, is to cover up your thighs – no matter what the occasion calls for. But this becomes pretty tricky in the summer months…

At the end of the day it’s going to come out at some point – there is only so long you can keep cellulite hidden (no matter how hard you try!).

So, am I stuck with bumpy, lumpy thighs for the rest of my life, if I lose weight will my cellulite go away? 

First let’s put your mind at rest a little and give you some hope to grasp onto – yes cellulite can go away.

But unfortunately, it’s not exactly an easy task…

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What is Cellulite Caused by?

Cellulite targets both men and woman and there are millions upon millions of effected individuals around the world.

Some people will actually find themselves genetically predisposed to cellulite whilst others will develop it through excess fat below their skin.

What is Cellulite Caused by?

Choice of lifestyle seems to be the main culprit behind the appearance of cellulite. If you are a ‘sudden sufferer’ you may want to check out your exercise and eating routines.

Remember, excess fat through poor eating or lack of exercise can be behind the cause of cellulite.

Does Cellulite go Away When You Lose Weight?

Tackling the excess fat your body is holding is a great way to handle the appearance of cellulite. When the excess fat is given the boot your skin will be allowed to pull itself back in and drastically reduce that horrible dimpling effect.

Yeah I know, I know – losing weight is a lot harder than it sounds but it certainly is possible…for EVERYONE! (just read some of the articles we have here on the subject for starters!).

Once you have cleaned up your diet you will be super-surprised at how fast you can trim down your overall weight.

Here is a basic three-pronged attack on weight loss for newbies (don’t worry – it’s Layman’s Terms!):

  1. Remove sugar from your diet
  2. Minimize the amount of carbohydrates in your diet
  3. Avoid buying processed foods

See – you’ve probably heard all three of those pointers before right?

Well that’s for a reason…

Weight loss only becomes difficult if you MAKE it difficult!

To be honest with you, if you manage to just stick to the first point above you’ll see a huge change in your overall body shape and weight.

Most of us are completely oblivious to the amount of sugar we have in our diets – it tends to hide itself very well in modern brands.

Foods With High Amounts of Hidden Sugar

Cellulite and Exercise

If you manage to combine a clean eating lifestyle with exercise you will see a drastic reduction in cellulite. Exercise only works if you also dial in your nutrition.

A decent exercise routine will provide you with the following health benefits…

  1. You will burn large amounts of calories on a daily basis
  2. You cut into the fat deposits your body is holding onto
  3. You will build and develop muscle

The goods news is that these three benefits are excellent at cutting down your cellulite or even eliminating it completely.

What are the best exercises for cellulite reduction?

At the end of the day exercise is good for you – full stop! It doesn’t matter what exercise you finally choose as exercise in general will create muscle and cut into your body’s fat content.

Question: Will Cellulite Go Away on its Own?

Well if the answer to that question was yes…I just wasted the last couple of hours typing this article…

Of course it WILL NOT go away on it’s own!

Most regulars to this site will already know that very few health complications are easy to conquer – dedication and hard work are ALWAYS key.

Diet and exercise are not supposed to be easy – if they were most people would stick to them and there would be no obesity problems.

But, diet and exercise will help you tackle cellulite…so what are you going to do?

If you find it tough going I would always recommend taking on an accountability buddy to aid you through the process.

Use this friend/buddy to help arrange cool local walks or hikes, make some meals together or even sign up for a nearby keep fit class.

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Understanding The Best Cardio Machines For Weight Loss

Understanding The Best Cardio Machines For Weight Loss

Building cardiovascular fitness is an essential part of any keep-fit regime, and it therefore comes as no surprise that there are plenty of gyms and equipment manufacturers that are trying to cash in on this.

There are plenty of options out there – from treadmills and exercise bikes to weirder contraptions like the Skierg – but which are the best cardio machines for weight loss?

Don’t be fooled by the weird machines and strange fads. These unique methods have their downsides.

Just because a piece of equipment is the next big craze in fitness and your gym is proudly showing it off to all members, that doesn’t mean that it is the best option for cardio.

There are lots of machines out there that try and give a different approach to cardio exercise, such as the Jacobs Ladder and the Skierg, but while they are fun for a change of pace and a little diversity in the routine, they are not necessarily any more effective.

The motions and intensity aren’t going to burn calories in the same way as more traditional machines. The other problem here comes from the fact that these machines just aren’t all that accessible.

You may read about them in blogs and think they look fun, but there is no guarantee that your local gym will have the funds, or the desire to purchase one.

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Focus on the tried and tested machines that you know you can use each session…

The best thing to do is to look for machines that are accessible and can be used in a straightforward regime.

This way you can not only be sure of burning off plenty of calories and making improvements to your cardiovascular health, you can be sure of building a strong routine on the same piece of equipment and measuring your progress.

The big three here have to be the exercise bike, rowing machine and treadmill.

Some criticize the potential of the rowing machine because it is an unnatural motion but, when carried out correctly, it does provide a good workout across the whole body.

The effectiveness of exercise bikes, meanwhile, can depend greatly on the style. Recumbent bikes are more comfortable, but they are definitely the laid-back option compared to more intense spinning sessions or an Airdyne bike.

There are a great tool for the less-able or the newcomer that wants to ease themselves into exercise, but they won’t raise the heart rate much above 115bpm.

Airdyne bikes, on the other hand, provide a tougher workout and have that added benefit of wind resistance.

The number one option here, however, has to be the treadmill. It is as simple to use as they come, every gym has plenty of them ready to go and they can be tailored to suit all users.

You can take a brisk walk if you need a low impact option or go for a run if you really want to push yourself. You can also adjust the speed and incline of the belt for a greater challenge.

On top of this, studies show that they provide a greater cardiovascular workout than other machine.

One published in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that treadmill work leads to the highest rates and aerobic demands and energy expenditure.

The effectiveness of a machine can often come down to technique…

There are some exceptions to the rule about basic, accessible machines being the way to go here and the best example of this is the elliptical machine.

These machines look as though they can give the best work out possible, because they are working your arms and legs, but they may not be as effective as you think.

You also have to consider the way that you use a machine, not just the machine itself. They all have potential, but that potential can be better harnessed with the right movements and technique.

A great example of this is the stair master. This machine can seem like tough challenges for working the legs and building cardiovascular strength, but the level at which it does so can depend on on what you are doing with your arms.

Are they taking your weight and supporting you on the hand rail, or are they free to move?

Find a machine that you can enjoy and work with on a regular basis…

Different users will have different opinions on the best cardio machines for weight loss and that is because it comes down to personal preferences, fitness needs and availability.

The treadmill and exercise bike are a great starting point for people getting started with cardio, but if you can build a regular routine on a more obscure piece of equipment – and are seeing clear benefits – stick with it.

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Calf Muscle Strain Symptoms – When Going Gets Tough

Calf Muscle Strain Symptoms - When Going Gets Tough

You probably call it a pulled muscle or the tennis leg but when the calf muscle (or tendons) is overstretched or worse… gets torn, then what you will have right there is a very… trust me, very painful calf strain situation.

So what are the most common calf muscle strain symptoms?

And how do you exactly get a calf strain?

The calf area (behind your leg below the knee…) is where the all important soleus and gastrocnemius muscles are located.

It is these muscles that enable us to do simple everyday activities like playing most active sports, regular walking, and finding balance especially when landing from a jump plus supporting many other small functions like stretching on your toes to reach for stuff placed on a high shelf.

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How Do You Get a Calf Strain?

Calf strains are very common in the sports field. Truth be told, you can get a calf strain injury anywhere but mostly it will be during a physical movement.

You can get injured while running, skiing, lunging, going up the stairs, playing tennis, jumping, or even when exercising.

This can happen in various ways depending on your body movement at that particular time. Calf strains can either be categorized as grade 1, 2, or 3.

Grade One:

This is considered the mildest case of a calf strain. Although you’re still able to continue with near perfect leg movement (like walking or jogging without too much discomfort…), don’t be fooled, it will take you up to 4 weeks or slightly more to recover completely depending on how fast your body heals.

Mostly this is just a case of a few strained muscle fibers.

Grade Two:

This is moderate injury and it occurs when muscle fibers get torn but don’t rupture fully. An injury of this grade would take you anywhere from 4 to 9 weeks to recover.

A grade 2 calf strain may include some significant swelling and the aching can go on for more than a week. There’s also too much discomfort when walking or moving around.

Grade Three:

This is the worst case and a complete recovery can take up to 12 weeks! In this case, the muscle is totally torn (ruptured).

Cross-section of lower right leg, through the calf

How Do You Know You Have a Calf Strain? What Are The Symptoms?

Upon injury, the calf muscle will announce its discomfort in the following ways:-

* Immediate sharp pain that can make even a grown up cry like a baby depending on the severity

* Bruising may appear

* The area becomes tender and swollen

* An audible snap or pop that is also felt

* Difficulty in standing on your toes (ballet dancer style)

* Feeling of being kicked or struck hard at the back of your leg (around the calf area)

* Difficulty in standing from a sitting position or even walking

How to Remedy a Calf Strain

What you need first and foremost is rest and lots of ice! Ensure you minimize your movement and you apply ice on the injured calf muscle at least 3 times a day for periods of about 20 to 30 minutes per session.

Application of ice can be more frequent depending on the severity of the calf injury and how much swelling or pain is involved.

Once you get through the initial phase, you can now try a few small exercises to help you heal faster and get back to normal activities (especially if you’re an athlete).

You can start with non-stressful toe raises both a standing and sitting position (whichever way you feel comfortable or is appropriate to your particular case).

The idea is to stretch the injured muscle and help it heal without causing more injury.

If walking is a problem or you want to go out for a walk or slight jog, then a compression sleeve or bandage over the injured calf muscle is a good idea.

This helps in two ways;

  1. keeping the muscle in position and
  2. reducing tension on the injured muscle(s).

You can also invest in some heel pads if you want to further reduce the tension on your injured calf.

Don’t worry about a workout plan…there are several exercising plans available online for free.

Just look for something that suits your particular case and talk to your physician before starting on any exercises to confirm that you’re not making things worse!

Now you know how to identify and respond to calf muscle strain symptoms…wasn’t that a fun and learning experience? 🙂

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The Best Amino Acids For Weight Loss

The Best Amino Acids For Weight Loss

A fifth of our body is made up of different proteins, making them a crucial participant in chemical and metabolic processes that go on in the body.

Amino acids are the basic building blocks for proteins.

They give your cells a unique structure and shapes, hence the body heavily relies on the proper intake of amino acids in the form of proteins which are broken down in your stomach by different enzymes.

Correct intake of these amino acids can lead to beneficial effects such as weight loss.

Some of the best amino acids for weight loss are Methionine, Arginine, Carnitine and Glutamine, Leucine, Tyrosine, Tryptophan and Phenylaline.

Amino Acids use different principles to aid the body in losing weight. For instance, some cause the brain to aid in weight loss by reducing the desire to eat unnecessarily.

Some on the other hand, transfer fat to be burnt instead of storing it for future use.

Best pharmaceutical amino acids are available at cheap prices with high qualities from specific manufacturer, online and locally as well.

If used correctly, these amino acids can save you a great deal of workout you wanted to do for a lean and slimmer body.

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The Amino Acids


Carnitine is an essential compound for burning fat, while it is not a proper amino acid, it can be classified as one due to its derivation from Lysine and Methionine.

Cartinine acts as a stimulant to prevent fat storage and instead redirects fat to the metabolic furnace. Since the fat is being burnt, energy will surge throughout your body.

You will feel more active, forceful and better in general. It is essential that you workout, however minimal it may be, to use the extra energy into aiding the development of muscles.


Under proper workout habits, correct diet, balanced nutrition intake and usage of cartinine injection, losing weight will be a child’s play.

An amazing body physique, toned muscles and cuts, with a slim body can bring quality to your life in no time. This makes cartinine one of the best and the most effective amino acids for losing weight.


Arginine is an amino acid which cause rapid release of nitric oxide, causing blood vessels to expand and oxidation to increase in the body.

You will feel improved performance, large amount of energy and increased endurance.

The growth hormone is also released by the glands in the brain causing muscle development, and new muscle growth.

Fat stores are rapidly depleted to use for energy and make muscles, as well as to make room for them.


Glutamine is the best counter action to storage of fat. It can be directly converted to glucose in the kidney which means the pancreas wont have to be effected to regulate glucagon and insulin levels in the body.


Hence, it gives you sustained energy, and the pancreas doesn’t trigger insulation production. This means any insulin induced fat that would have been stored by your body has not been bypassed.

This helps in countering storage of dietary fats and and regulate weight, Glutamine can also reduce desires for alcohols and sugars which are key factors in gaining weight.


Methionine, another amino acid which can do wonders in terms of detoxifying the body and cleansing it of all harmful chemicals.

It readily boosts metabolism and and acts as a catalyst for burning fat. It helps in the destruction of adipose tissue and removing layers of fat from the liver and cleansing it of harmful substances, which helps in weight loss.


Leucine is a strong stimulus for inducing the feeling of being full by releasing hormones in the body. It is noted Leucine along with regular diet can cause a 22% increased effect in contrast to a simple diet alone.


Phenylaline a similar amino acid which causes the brain to stop identifying hunger and maintain appropriate body weight once desired results have been attained.

Tryptophan works on similar principles to Leucine but instead acts as a sedative and regulate hormone and insulin release. Tryposine on the other hands works like Cartinine which boosts fat burning metabolic processes.

Amino Acids For Weight Loss

All in all, these are the best amino acids that are currently prescribed and globally used to help in reduction of weight.

Under correct prescriptions, proper workout, balanced nutrition intake and correct diet, these building blocks can result in substantial effects to benefit your body.

One of the most effective and productive methods of losing weight is guided dosage from a physician or a trainer.

With these variety of amino acids, key to losing weight will be on your finger tips in no time.

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What is The Best Yoga Pose For Weight Loss?

What is The Best Yoga Pose For Weight Loss?

One of the most beneficial exercises, yoga can help boost your health in a number of ways. Yoga can make you flexible, keep you toned, and more importantly: help you lose weight!

If practiced regularly and with good form, yoga can prove to be a huge help when trying to get in shape. And the best part about yoga is that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships or personal trainers; you can practice it from the comfort of your own living room!

So what is the best yoga pose for weight loss? Looking for a cheap, easy way to lose weight? Then look no further! Put on some comfy clothes, find a quiet room, and try out these five yoga poses…

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1) Chair Pose

For this pose, start by standing straight up and bringing your arms above your head, pressing your hands together and gently bending your knees until they’re bent in a sitting position.

Make sure you’re bent forward and breathing slowly. Hold the pose for as long as you can, then ease back into a standing position.

This pose is quick and easy, and is one of the best yoga exercises for cutting down on thigh fat and strengthening the buttocks.

By holding yourself in a suspended sitting position, you burn calories in your thighs and buttocks, strengthening them and getting rid of any extra fat.

2) Boat Pose

Start by sitting on the floor, then bending your spine back and lifting your legs up off of the ground about six inches to form a ‘V’ shape with your body.

Then, raise your arms out at shoulder level in front of you and hold the pose for as long as you can. Not only does this exercise increase physical strength, but it cuts down on belly fat big time!

Similar to a sit-up, this pose tones your stomach and flattens it, getting rid of fat in exchange for lean, toned muscles.

3) Locust Pose

For the Locust Pose, start by lying face-down with your arms at your sides, palms facing the ground. Then lift your legs several inches off the ground while you lift your arms from your sides in time with your legs until you’re balancing on your stomach.

Both your legs and arms should be an event amount of inches off the ground. Take deep breaths, and hold this pose for as long as you can.

The Locust Pose helps to stretch out your body, specifically the thighs, abdomen, and stomach. As a result, fat gets stretched out and flattened, and calories get burned from the exercise itself, thus leading to some amazing weight loss results!

4) Cobra Pose

Start this pose off by lying down on your stomach, placing your hands palms-down on the floor beneath your shoulders.

Taking a deep breath, slowly lift your head and torso off the ground, using your arms to gradually push you upwards.

Keep your spine curved and legs close together, pushing yourself up until your arms are both straight. This pose puts the abdomen to work again, helping to cut down on fat for a smooth, flat tummy.

5) Bridge Pose

To do the Bridge Pose, start by lying down on your back with your hands at your sides, palms facing downward. As you inhale, slowly lift your chest and lower body off the ground, balancing on your arms and feet.

Your legs should be bent at the knee, keeping your body propped up. Hold this pose for as long as you can for the most benefits.

This pose is a workout for your entire body, specifically your arms, legs, and abdomen. It will help tone and slim your arms and legs, strengthening them and building stamina, as well as help stretch your stomach and flatten it out by burning away fat.

What is The Best Yoga Pose For Weight Loss?

Anyone can do yoga, and because it can be done from the comfort of your own home for little to no cost to you, it’s no wonder many people turn to the wonderful benefits of yoga for their health.

Weight loss can be achieved with yoga through time, patience, and good form with each pose, and these five poses are the most efficient for losing weight.

They trim down on thigh fat, tone your arms, and flatten your stomach, burning calories in the process. Yoga is your go-to for a quick, easy, and affordable weight loss routine.

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7 All Natural Protein Shake Recipes

7 All Natural Protein Shake Recipes

Whether you’re a bodybuilder trying to bulk up or a regular light jogger maintaining your weight, a protein shake has probably found its way into your kitchen pantry to eventually become a permanent part of your diet.

If your bland store bought protein shake mixes are killing your taste buds (and your wallet), try these all natural protein shake recipes to shake yourself out of the rut…

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Non-fat unflavored Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein, with up to 20 grams of per serving. Chia seeds contain a whopping 4 grams of protein per tablespoon, and the banana adds a great creamy consistency to your blend.

Grind the seeds with a quarter cup of raw milk and then add half a cup of the yogurt towards the end with diced banana pieces.


Ricotta cheese is a rich source of protein that many natural protein lovers swear by. Add a handful of frozen strawberries with one cup of ricotta cheese and half a cup of low fat skimmed milk in your blending machine.

You can also add low fat Greek yogurt to the blend to achieve a smoother consistency.

This all natural protein shake recipe can be customized by substituting the strawberry with any other frozen fruits like blueberry, banana cubes or pineapple.


Not exactly the most delicious grains stocked in your pantry, lentils are nonetheless known to be a powerhouse of protein.

Throw a cupful of lentils into your grinder with 1/3 cup of oats and a tablespoon of antioxidant rich unsweetened cocoa powder. Adding 1/3 cup of brown rice will improve the flavor with an added boost of health.

You’ll end up with a ready-to-mix powder that you can whip up on a weekend and store for your busy week ahead to consume with milk.

This shake has a higher carb and fiber content than the conventional store bought shakes, but its easy on your pocket as well as your palate.


Unflavored soy milk is a great alternative to ready made protein powder mixes because it contains around 8 grams of protein per serving.

Pour one cup of the milk with a scoop of either almond or peanut butter and blend it till the butter mixes well into the milk.

Add a tablespoon of hemp seeds for an additional 5 grams of protein and you’ll have a fantastic post-workout treat in your hands.


It may sound unappealing at first, but believe us when we say that supplemental gelatin is a great protein source with a whole armory of amino acids.

With 12 grams of protein per tablespoon, its also great for your joints and muscle recovery.

Blend 1 cup of icy coconut milk with 1 tablespoon each of chia seeds and gelatin extract, with a handful of any of your favorite berries for added taste.

A pinch of freshly grated ginger extract will help if you have any stomach troubles.


Kefir has an established spot in the dairy product Hall of Fame due to its fantastic probiotic as well as nutritional attributes.

Blend half a cup of kefir with half a cup of raw low fat skimmed milk, a cup of kale (you can also use spinach) and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon.

Adding half an avocado to the mix will give you a booster dose of protein.


This unassuming little berry is a surprisingly effective source of protein, as you can get almost 16 grams of protein from one cup. Packed with Vitamin C, amino acids, beta carotene and antioxidants, Goji berries are becoming a popular component of many weight loss diets.

Blend a handful of these berries with a cup of low-fat almond milk and a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of nutmeg to taste.

This pleasantly tangy shake will definitely get your mojo goji-ing if you make it a breakfast regular.

All Natural Protein Shakes

Experimenting with all natural protein shake recipes will give your body a variety of nutrients rather than letting it get accustomed to the boring old protein powder you buy in stores. If you’ve tried and loved any of these recipes, let us know in the comments below.

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How to Tighten The Skin After Losing Weight

How to Tighten The Skin After Losing Weight

After finally completing a successful weight loss regime and attaining that perfect weight, there is the after effect of loose skin.

The next thing one shifts focus to is finding a way to rid the body of the extra skin and getting that perfectly toned look. Here are a few ways on how to tighten your skin after losing weight…

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Question: Why does the skin get lose after weight loss?

The skin is basically stretched out every time a person gets obese. The length of time that you remain fat reduces the possibility that your skin will snap back in place upon losing the extra pounds. As a result, you are always left with extra skin whenever you shed some fat after an obese spout.

Question: What are the possible solutions to this?

1) Don’t Lose Weight Too Quickly

This is the most fundamental principle. As the skin adjusts slowly with the changes in the body, it is usually recommended to stick to a regular weight loss regime that actually lets your body adjust through the process. In this way, your muscles get time to develop and your skin is adjusted to fit perfectly in the body.

2) Creams

Skin firming creams are one of the most hassle free ways of how to tighten your skin after losing weight. For the best results, one should shop out for creams that have vitamins A and E, aloe gel and herbal all natural ingredients.

With these ingredients, the elasticity and collagen in your skin are boosted making it firmer in just a matter of months.

3) Weight Training

The best form of training, after losing weight and developing that loose hanging skin, is the weight resistance training.

This training regime ensures that you develop some extra muscles under the skin. The extra muscle tightens the skin and makes it firmer round the body.

It is a healthy recommendation that one participates in weight resistance training three times a week for a couple of months to put on the extra muscle that replaces the lost fat, making the skin firmer.

4) Hydrate Properly

Proper hydration is the key to well elasticated skin. Drinking water is just the perfect way to make your skin tighter, smoother and more radiant.

The best way is to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. With this proper hydration, you get the skin to lose its hanging nature and become firmer.

More water is never a bad idea as one can never have enough hydration in the body.

5) Belly Toning Exercises

Most of the loose skin is usually accumulated around the belly, and that makes this the first area one needs to focus on when looking to tighten their skin.

Belly toning exercises provide the groundwork for tightening skin after weight loss. There is a large array of such exercises to participate in among them being sit ups, leg raises, pelvic thrusts, side bridges and crunches.

The best thing about this is that the exercises are not that demanding and can be done for just twenty minutes three days each week. With proper commitment, you should tighten the skin in less than a month.

6) Mineral Salt Scrubs

Minerals that boost hemoglobin in the blood and increase the blood flow to the skin prove quite effective in these cases.

The continuous flow of blood works to strengthen the skins elasticity and metabolize the fats that make it loose.

The result is usually smother, tighter and healthier skin.

When looking for a way on how to tighten your skin after losing weight, this is the convenient way that can actually be fitted into your showering schedule.

Adding mineral salts in your baths every other day of the week can work wonders on your skin. Perfection can be achieved in but a few weeks.

7) Massage Therapy

There is nothing like a good massage to help return your skin into its original levels of glam. The best thing about this course of action is that you get to kill two birds with one stone.

The massage helps to boost the blood flow through the skin by stimulating all the dormant cells. The proper circulation helps in tightening the skin.

Getting to relax from the massage also helps to rectify the elasticity of the skin, eradicating all the lose hanging skin and making it firmer round your muscles.

8) Yoga

It is said that yoga is food for the soul, and its benefits toward the tightening of loose skin can also not be emphasized enough.

As you partake in the yoga exercises, the stress factor in your life goes down. This enables your circulation to operate at its maximum and the result is better looking skin.

The flexibility that comes along with the exercises helps to tighten your skin further making it fit more into your new body shape.


A couple of other ways on how to tighten your skin after losing weight are: to provide your body with enough protein to replace the lost fat, having a regular intake of fruits and vegetables to nourish your skin with enough nutrients and always mitigating your exposure to the sun so as not to damage the skin and hinder the tightening process by dehydrating it.

The aspect of loose skin after a weight loss regime is never a welcome thing. It sometimes creates frustration and despair among many.

Sticking to a good comeback regime with the same commitment will in most cases guarantee tight skin in just a matter of months. With commitment as the key, any of the above suggestions will get you looking excellent in no time.

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