Are Peanuts Good For Weight Loss?

Are Peanuts Good For Weight Loss?

Losing weight and getting in shape isn’t just about cutting calories; it’s about making the most of your daily caloric intake. Finding the right foods to eat is one of the most critical – and often, the most overlooked – part of any diet plan.

Nuts are something that gets a lot of buzz in the fitness community. They are frequently featured in popular nutrition plans like the Mediterranean Diet. And if you are vegetarian or vegan, nuts can help you more easily meet your daily fat and protein requirements.

But are all nuts really all that great for you? In particular – are peanuts good for weight loss?

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5 Ways to Lose Weight with Peanuts

1) Peanuts Are Packed With Protein

When it comes to losing weight, protein is the powerhouse of all nutrients. High protein diets are conducive to weight loss because they keep you feeling satisfied longer.

This reduces the urge to overeat or snack – thus, cutting the total amount of calories you’re likely to consume in any given day. Protein also helps fuel fat burning while preserving calorie-torching lean muscle mass and even promotes muscle repair and growth.

Peanuts happen to be an excellent source of protein. Just a single ounce of raw peanuts contain 7 grams of protein – which is about 14 percent of your daily protein requirements.

Peanuts are also relatively low in calories for the nutrients they provide – so for right around 300 calories, you could eat two single-ounce servings of peanuts and hit nearly 30 percent of your daily protein requirement.

2) They’re Also Full of Fiber

Fiber is another essential nutrient for weight loss. It’s similar to protein in that it keeps you feeling fuller longer. Essential to digestive health, high fiber foods also help reduce cholesterol, lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, prevent colon cancer and so much more.

Peanuts are filled with fiber

A lot of people think that leafy green vegetables are the only way to get their fill of fiber. However, peanuts are actually surprisingly fibrous. Just one 1-ounce serving of peanuts contains 2.5 grams of dietary fiber, a full 9 percent of the daily recommended value.

3) Peanuts May Help Increase Your Metabolism

Peanuts may also help to raise your overall metabolic rate. A recent study was performed on the resting energy expenditure of peanut eaters.

Researchers discovered that 11 of the resting metabolic rate was 11 percent greater than the baseline after a solid 19 weeks of regular peanut consumption.

4) They Feature The ‘Good’ Kind of Fat

High-fat foods and weight loss go hand-in-hand. Seriously – it’s hard to believe, but there’s a type of healthy fat that your body actually needs.

Monounsaturated fat, the variety famously found in olive oil and avocados, is generally considered to be the “good” kind of fat. The unhealthy types of fat are saturated and trans fats.

Monounsaturated fat

You’ll find saturated fats found most often in animal products and trans fat in foods processed in partially hydrogenated oils. Too much of these bad fats can raise your cholesterol, clog your arteries and lead to serious health problems.

Fortunately, peanuts are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are filling – and they are also satisfying. The high fat content makes them a tasty snack – but without the guilt trip.

5) Peanuts Are Heart-Healthy Nuts

At Pennsylvania State University they featured peanuts and peanut butter or peanut oil as sources of high monounsaturated fat and compared them to a traditional saturated fat-filled American diet high.

Peanuts Are Heart-Healthy Nuts

Researchers found that subjects on the peanut diet lowered their total cholesterol by 11 percent and bad LDL cholesterol by 14 percent.


3 Peanut Varieties to Avoid

Not every type of peanut will help you reach your weight loss goals. In fact, some might actually cause you to gain weight and go over your daily allowances for calories, fat and sodium. For this reason, it’s very important to know which kinds of peanuts are healthy and which ones should be avoided.

1) Salted Peanuts

Salted peanuts are high in sodium – and too much sodium can lead to water retention, increased blood pressure and even heart disease.

Salted Peanuts

For this reason, try to avoid salted peanuts whenever possible. If you absolutely cannot live without salted peanuts, just be sure to eat them in moderation and keep an eye on your daily sodium intake.

2) Processed Peanut Butter

By nature, peanut butter should be a relatively healthy, unprocessed food. After all, it’s just roasted peanuts that are ground up and churned into butter.

However, many manufacturers will add in sugar and other unhealthy additives in order to improve the colour, texture and taste.

Processed Peanut Butter

Make sure to read the labels when shopping for peanut butter. Look for “organic” or “natural” peanut butter. If you’re unsure, compare labels and buy the kind with least amount of ingredients and lowest in sugar.

Searching for the healthiest alternative? Some organic grocery stores actually have grinders that allow you to make your own peanut butter right in the store!

3) Big Portions

Peanuts are pretty small – and this can make them kind of dangerous to dieters. It can be easy to get carried away quickly, so that’s why it’s important to read labels and practice portion control.

Generally, one serving of peanuts is about 1 ounce – and there’s really no reason to eat more than two servings each day. However, the tiny little peanut packets found at checkout counters and convenience stores are often four servings or more.


Summary: Are Peanuts Good for Weight Loss?

If you’re trying to lose weight, peanuts are a great way to help you nurture your body while cutting calories. They are high in protein, fiber and the good kinds of fat so they keep you feeling fuller longer – not to mention, they taste great too!

Studies have also shown that regular peanut consumption may help you lower bad cholesterol levels and raise your resting metabolic rate.

However, not all kinds of peanuts are good for weight loss – or health in general. Salted peanuts, processed peanut butter and large portions of any variety of peanut will work against your health and weight loss goals and should be avoided.

Instead, pay attention to portions and reach for plain or roasted peanuts and natural, organic peanut butter.

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12 thoughts on “Are Peanuts Good For Weight Loss?

  1. Hi there Chris,

    I love peanuts not so much for weight loss, but for boosting my metabolism especially during working hours. There’s a stall nearby my place that roast peanuts on-demand, sprinkle with a bit of salt. I have to tell you, the aroma is simply irresistible.

    I have been chomping them a little bit more than I should – yup, big portions – until I read this article. So I think I should really cut down a bit 🙂

  2. I’ve been eating soya nuts that I bought from a company called herbalife. They are ok, not the greatest tasting snack, but I want to eat more protein to inv=crease my lean body mass. I know that peanuts contain a good amount of protein, but I need to build my food intake around good quality protein and a varied diet. Where should I start?

    1. Quality protein? Didn’t you just read the article above? 🙂

      You can start with peanuts my friend…don’t believe the fat hype!

  3. I found your page very straight forward and well put together. I thought the video was a neat way to have someone click the video and read about the peanut. The way you delivered the 5 ways to lose weight with peanuts made it entertaining and fun to watch.

    I found the information very informative and well constructed paragraph’s. It was easy to follow and did not have over rated technical jargon. I think it was perfect for anyone wanting information on the peanut and weight loss.

  4. I have been reading so much about how almonds are the go-to nut for health benefits that I had almost forgotten about peanuts. I’ve always loved peanuts too so I think I’ll put them back on my grocery list. I had no idea that peanuts are high in fiber and may help boost my metabolism.

  5. Dear Chris,

    thank you very much for this information. I am working out since 10 years and there were always a lot of discussions if nuts and especially peanuts are beneficial or not. From my own experience I can only totally agree with you that there are so many positive aspects that they are definitively healthy and help us to lose fat (if taken in the correct manner).

    They increase the metabolism, they provide healthy fat, they protect the heart, and are full of proteins and fiber – people seem to scream out “oh no nuts = calories” without ever really knowing the full picture!

    Do you find that people are frequently on the wrong page with this type of thing?

    I think that it is the same with everything that contains certain fats, we shouldn’t abuse and eat too much – moderation will always be key in the long game of life. The correct quantities are so, so very important!

    Thank you very much for this article and have a nice day!



    1. Hi Simon,

      Yes I do find that people tend to think one way and get stuck in a rut with it – especially when it comes to certain food types. As you rightly pointed out in your comment – peanuts actually provide your body with the RIGHT type of fats…and that is key.

      Most old school dieters tend to find this hard to digest (no pun intended!). There are good fats and there are bad fats – simple!

      Again I have to agree with you that moderation is indeed key…with everything we eat!

      Great speaking with you Simon and thanks so much for taking the time to leave your opinion with us!

  6. It’s hard to believe that peanuts help to lose weight. I never heard that. Thanks for letting me know. I like peanuts and could eat an entire bottle of peanuts in one sitting but for some reason I hate the taste of peanut butter. That being said, if it could increase my metabolism, I’ll include that too in my diet plan.

    Again, thanks for sharing, Chris 🙂

    1. Hey Sethu,

      Well if you’re looking to lose weight by using peanuts it’s probably not a great idea to eat the whole bottle/packet! A handful of nuts at a time is ample for killing that hunger 🙂

      On the plus side – great to hear that you liked our article!

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