A Diet Plan to Lose Weight in 3 Weeks

Are you looking to lose some weight in the healthiest way possible, and in the shortest amount of time?

Is there a holiday coming up that requires a beach-friendly body?

Do you need to fit into that favourite old dress for a function?

Are you just sick and tired of that beer belly folding it’s way sleepily over your belt loops?

In this article we will be covering a product named The 3 Week Diet – a diet plan to lose weight in 3 weeks!

This product has achieved an amazing amount of popularity in a short amount of time. The program was only developed back in 2015 and it has changed the lives and body shapes of thousands of happy users.


Let’s take a closer look…

Product: The 3 Week Diet

Subject: 3 Week Diet Workout Plan

Owner: Brian Flatt

Price: $47

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

Refund Policy: 60 Days

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

The majority of people who begin diet plans and weight loss programs are simply unable to achieve their desired goal due to one reason – they want to see results…and they want to see them FAST!

This means that more often than not, people give up before they see the results they want.

Diets that are set up to decrease your weight by a couple of pounds every week are all good and well – but most people need to see more drastic results in the same time scale (it’s human nature!).

Enter The 3 Week Diet – A plan that not only teaches you what to do for 21 days to lose the weight, but also tells you what to do following the 21 days of the diet so that you can maintain your new slim build.

In this 3 Week Diet review I will discuss how well it works, the features it offers, some minor drawbacks with it, and where to get the best deal when you buy it online.

By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether The 3 Week Diet is the right choice of health and weight loss option for you.

The Best Way to Lose Weight in 3 Weeks

So how does The 3 Week Diet system work?

As you can see from the image above – this system is made up of four manuals, each working on a specific aspect of the regime that is required in order achieve the proposed results.

The first manual is a basic explanation and introduction to the diet/system. It tells you how the process is going to work for you and discusses the science behind the diet. It also delves into the information regarding nutrition and other background necessities.

The second manual goes into all the details surrounding the diet. Here the information will help you calculate your body fat and then provide you with directions specially tailored to your body type.

The third manual then concentrates on a workout program that you can use to increase the effects of the overall diet system. Each workout will last no more than 20 minutes and needs to be completed at least 3 times a week.

The fourth manual provides critical diet information on the correct mindset – probably the most important factor involved in a successful weight loss program.

It is jam-packed full of tips and guidance to help you to stay motivated and focused on your weight loss goal.

The Man Behind The System – Brian Flatt


Brian Flatt, the guy who put together The 3 Week Diet, has been a prominent figure in the diet and fitness industry since 1999. He is a certified personal trainer and a certified sports nutritionist.

His career started in Southern California where he became a successful and well known personal trainer. He then moved on to become a weight loss coach and nutritionist. He now works mainly at his own personal training facility named R.E.V. Fitness.

He developed The 3 Week Diet plan over a several year period – using the techniques he had seen the most success with his clients.

Fastest Way to Lose Weight in 3 Weeks

What Will You Gain From This Diet System?

The system claims that you CAN lose up to 23 pounds in the 21 day period of the diet – is this really possible?

Well yes, it certainly is…but it does depend upon the individual taking the challenge on!

You can lose 23 pounds…but you may well lose less than that though; maybe 12 pounds, maybe 6 pounds. The key thing to take away here is that if you follow the system – you WILL lose an amount of weight. But again, you do have to stick to the program if you really want to see results. 

As well as losing weight, The 3 Week Diet will also give you the ingredients for the correct mindset for weight loss. The motivational guide really is just that: motivational…

The main reason for diets failing is the individuals involved not having the correct mindset. This system does an excellent job of giving you a positive mindset and even manages to get you excited about the upcoming weight loss journey.

Another overlooked benefit of the system is how it will make you feel – you will feel pretty awesome!

You may not lose the total 23 pounds, but you will lose some weight, and for once you will experience a healthy lifestyle. Nourishing your body with the right foods and being active always make you feel better, leading to more energy and a positive outlook on life.

The Good & The Bad


  • The diet system offers you the possibility of seeing drastic weight loss within a matter of weeks
  • You will learn and experience health benefits that extend beyond weight loss
  • The motivation side of the diet is pretty much second to none – which is a HUGE help in creating the right mindset for successful weight loss
  • The system is affordable when compared to other top weight loss options out there
  • I personally found the information and the education extremely easy to follow, with a step-by-step format
  • The whole package comes with a handy money back guarantee. If you don’t get the results you are looking for – you can simply claim a refund on the product!


  • This diet plan is not meant for people with certain health issues, Diabetes and high blood pressure in particular. Always check with your doctor if you have any worries about taking on a weight loss program
  • Throughout the education, I didn’t come across any REAL solid proof of the type of scientific information the diet was based on. The ‘science’ Brian Flatt offers has to be taken on face value (we basically have to take his word for it!).


For the low price ($47) and the 60 days money back guarantee this really is a no-brainer. If you are willing to put in the work and follow the advice Brian Flatt has put together for you, I am almost 100% positive you’ll be happy with the results you get.

Overall, the 3 Week Diet program appears to be a revolutionary weight loss program in a timely fashion. If you are looking hard for a program to help you lose weight quickly and keep it off, then I would absolutely recommend the 3 Week Diet to you. Remember though, the significance of your results ultimately comes down to how badly you want to lose the weight!

With the help of Brian’s education you will be able to totally transform your body shape and lose weight quickly and easily. This is one of the most effective programs out there and it will offer you results very fast…

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