7 All Natural Protein Shake Recipes

7 All Natural Protein Shake Recipes

Whether you’re a bodybuilder trying to bulk up or a regular light jogger maintaining your weight, a protein shake has probably found its way into your kitchen pantry to eventually become a permanent part of your diet.

If your bland store bought protein shake mixes are killing your taste buds (and your wallet), try these all natural protein shake recipes to shake yourself out of the rut…

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Non-fat unflavored Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein, with up to 20 grams of per serving. Chia seeds contain a whopping 4 grams of protein per tablespoon, and the banana adds a great creamy consistency to your blend.

Grind the seeds with a quarter cup of raw milk and then add half a cup of the yogurt towards the end with diced banana pieces.


Ricotta cheese is a rich source of protein that many natural protein lovers swear by. Add a handful of frozen strawberries with one cup of ricotta cheese and half a cup of low fat skimmed milk in your blending machine.

You can also add low fat Greek yogurt to the blend to achieve a smoother consistency.

This all natural protein shake recipe can be customized by substituting the strawberry with any other frozen fruits like blueberry, banana cubes or pineapple.


Not exactly the most delicious grains stocked in your pantry, lentils are nonetheless known to be a powerhouse of protein.

Throw a cupful of lentils into your grinder with 1/3 cup of oats and a tablespoon of antioxidant rich unsweetened cocoa powder. Adding 1/3 cup of brown rice will improve the flavor with an added boost of health.

You’ll end up with a ready-to-mix powder that you can whip up on a weekend and store for your busy week ahead to consume with milk.

This shake has a higher carb and fiber content than the conventional store bought shakes, but its easy on your pocket as well as your palate.


Unflavored soy milk is a great alternative to ready made protein powder mixes because it contains around 8 grams of protein per serving.

Pour one cup of the milk with a scoop of either almond or peanut butter and blend it till the butter mixes well into the milk.

Add a tablespoon of hemp seeds for an additional 5 grams of protein and you’ll have a fantastic post-workout treat in your hands.


It may sound unappealing at first, but believe us when we say that supplemental gelatin is a great protein source with a whole armory of amino acids.

With 12 grams of protein per tablespoon, its also great for your joints and muscle recovery.

Blend 1 cup of icy coconut milk with 1 tablespoon each of chia seeds and gelatin extract, with a handful of any of your favorite berries for added taste.

A pinch of freshly grated ginger extract will help if you have any stomach troubles.


Kefir has an established spot in the dairy product Hall of Fame due to its fantastic probiotic as well as nutritional attributes.

Blend half a cup of kefir with half a cup of raw low fat skimmed milk, a cup of kale (you can also use spinach) and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon.

Adding half an avocado to the mix will give you a booster dose of protein.


This unassuming little berry is a surprisingly effective source of protein, as you can get almost 16 grams of protein from one cup. Packed with Vitamin C, amino acids, beta carotene and antioxidants, Goji berries are becoming a popular component of many weight loss diets.

Blend a handful of these berries with a cup of low-fat almond milk and a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of nutmeg to taste.

This pleasantly tangy shake will definitely get your mojo goji-ing if you make it a breakfast regular.

All Natural Protein Shakes

Experimenting with all natural protein shake recipes will give your body a variety of nutrients rather than letting it get accustomed to the boring old protein powder you buy in stores. If you’ve tried and loved any of these recipes, let us know in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “7 All Natural Protein Shake Recipes

  1. Protein shakes were quite the hype these days. But i must state that there are many different types of them. So you must be quite careful while adding it to your diet.

    One of my friends started doing shakes uninformedly and he ended up bulking like a monster and he didn’t even get in a lean hape. He just grew a belly. So they are a thing that you must have some information about.

    1. LOL your friend sounds pretty clueless there Tyler ( no offense meant! ). What exactly was he putting in these shakes? Bacon?

  2. Hi there I love your website it has so much information about calorie counting and healthy eating. I have put on a lot of weight so now I have come across this website it has give me confidence knowing what to eat. I have a few chubby friends so I’m sure they would be happy with this also.

  3. Hi Chris

    These are some fantastic Natural Protein Shakes. I must admit I am a big fan of protein shakes especially first thing in the morning and after my workouts. I’m not sure if those are the right times to consume them but it seems to work well for my body.

    Excellent read, have booked your page. Thanks a million!


  4. I like the list of recipes. I’ve done the chia seeds and yogurt with milk. Never tried the hemp seed though. Where do you purchase the hemp seed? The only problem I have adding bananas or goji berries is the sugar content. Blueberries are a good substitute for the goji. No clue for the bananas.

    1. Hi Dave, there’s a local health shop near me that provides the hemp seeds – I’d suggest looking for one in your area! Most half decent health shops supply them 🙂

  5. Hello Chris, i found your article very informative in terms of protein incorporation in diet.The protein powders found in stores might contain only protein unlike natural proteins which can add other nutrients to diet.
    The other advantage about natural protein shake recipes is that they are readily available and cheap.
    You have incorporated a very comprehensive cover of these natural protein shake, I liked it very well. Good work.

  6. I’ve been doing sports pretty much my whole life now, and I love working out. I also practice kyokushin Karate, and this requires me to ‘up’ my protein intake a bit.

    And yes, like so many others, I take the ones bought in stores which don’t really taste great. Usually far too sweet (which sort of defies the point of taking them in the first place really!).

    There are some really great protein shakes here, which I will definitely try out! Principally the strawberry and ricotta cheese protein shake sounds appealing to me! A really unique take on Protein drinks – have you tried them all yourself or did you get an expert in to share the recipes?

    A great resource – loved the ideas you have on display here…

    Thanks a lot for sharing and I will bookmark your site to come back!

    1. Hi there Peter,

      I’m a distance runner so yes, I’ve tried these myself, but I cannot take the credit for the inventions I’m afraid! This article was actually put together by one of our resident experts on the subject – I’m not the best at creating new recipes!

      Great to hear that you got so much out of the information we’ve published here – please feel free to share it about wherever you see fit!

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