The Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid For Weight Loss

The Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid For Weight Loss

Americans have struggled with the scourge of obesity since the 80’s, when the USA literally gave up on healthy eating and turned to high-calorie fast foods.

The problems of obesity as a severe health condition have led to numerous studies aimed at discovering safe methods of dealing with obesity and overweight people in general.

A few of these studies have revealed interesting results showing the benefits of alpha lipoic acid for weight loss and overall wellness.

However, one thing about the results obtained in all the studies involving alpha lipoic acid (ALA or a-lipoic acid) as a weight loss supplement is that they have been inconclusive; despite the seemingly positive outcomes.

Professionals in this area of study agree that more research and controlled clinical experiments (on human subjects) are required to guarantee best (and consistent) results.

They’re also quick to add that this remedy may not have similar effects on everyone. This may probably be due to the uniqueness of our genetic make-up and response to different stimuli.

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What is Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Alpha-lipoic acid is a critical coenzyme needed for mitochondrial energy production, but primarily known for its function as a strong antioxidant.

Numerous independent surveys have revealed impressive unique properties of a-lipoic acid that make it a potent supplement in the treatment and management of migraines, blood pressure, weight loss, bone health, glaucoma, stroke, diabetes (type 2), damaged nerves (neuropathy) or dementia, relieving oxidative stress, and kidney complications among others.

What is Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Please Note: Alpha occurs naturally in animals and it is a vital co-factor in numerous key homeostatic functions.

Our primary focus is however on the benefits of ALA for weight loss. So, how does this connection between a-lipoic acid and weight loss really work? What is the science behind it?

Benefits of ALA for Weight Loss

According to several research findings, a-lipoic acid has been used successfully as a weight loss supplement; two of these studies particularly stand out.

One study conducted in 2015 and published in the Obesity Society Journal used a control group (placebo) and an intervention group that received doses of ALA and EPA (omega-3 fatty acid) in varied combinations for 10 weeks.

The results gathered from all 97 trial participants (obese/overweight women) who completed the exercise (parallel, short-term randomized double blind placebo-controlled trial) showed that although both groups lost weight due to the adjusted dietary and lifestyle changes, the ALA group, after receiving a daily dose of 300mg of ALA, lost 4 pounds (on average) more than the control group (an average loss of 15.4 and 11.4 pounds respectively).

A cohort study carried out by a Korean team in 2011 and published in the AJM (American Journal of Medicine) also reported a positive correlation between a-lipoic acid supplementation and notable acceleration of weight loss in both men and women.

A total of 360 overweight participants divided into 3 groups completed this experiment.

Two groups received a-lipoic acid in doses of 1800mg and 1200mg respectively (administered in spread-out small doses of 400-600mg before meals), and lastly there was the control group.

Benefits of ALA for Weight Loss

At the end of the double blinded 20-week trial, it was discovered that the placebo group had lost an average of 2 lbs, the 1200mg ALA group had lost 4 pounds on average, and the 1800mg group had lost an average of 6 pounds.

It is however important to note that only about 50 percent of the total weight loss was attributed to reduced fat mass.

Another 4-month study conducted on 1127 obese subjects by an Italian team of researchers in 2010 (and published in Current Pharmaceutical Design), also revealed that pre-obese and obese teenagers were able to lose between 8% and 9% of their total body weight after taking a daily ALA dose of 800mg for the duration of the trial.

This translated to an average loss of 15 pounds!

So, how does alpha lipoic acid fit into the “weight loss magic potion” equation?

How does it actually help you lose weight?

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ALA Science Explained

Modern science has attempted (and to some extent managed) to hypothesize (with near accuracy) the different ways that ALA helps in body fat reduction. The two most popular theories include;

#1 – Appetite suppression: Less calorie intake (having less hunger pangs and eating less food) logically means fewer opportunities for fat build up and eventual weight loss. ALA is known to act on the hypothalamus (part of the brain) to suppress feelings of hunger.

#2 – Increased Energy: By playing a major role in the increment of mitochondrial energy production function, obese people using ALA have more energy to move round and probably exercise a little to burn calories and body fat. The energy production process (which also sets your basal metabolic rate) is definitely expected to produce some heat which can theoretically help burn fat deposits directly while at rest.

More studies citing the key role played by a-lipoic acid in insulin suppression also show the significance of using ALA for weight loss.

Regardless of these encouraging results, it is imperative that you note this one simple fact: Alpha lipoic acid is not sufficiently effective on weight loss on its own…lifestyle and dietary changes that include a few exercise programs are still necessary for more desirable results.

Key ALA Facts to Consider

Although there are no known adverse effects of prolonged ALA use, a few people have reported side effects such as gastrointestinal pain, vomiting, itching or skin irritations, and nausea among other minor conditions.

It is therefore advised that you talk to your physician or health professional before starting on any dietary supplementation or medication regimens.

There are clearly numerous benefits of alpha lipoic acid for weight loss, but as research continues to remind us, these positive results may not be for everyone.

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How to Lose Weight in The Office

Sitting in front of a computer in a stuffy office can wreak absolute havoc on the health of your body – but we all have to earn money somehow, right?

Did you know that if you work a desk job, recent research reveals that you are more likely to be overweight, have metabolic syndrome and even have higher risks for cardiovascular disease.

I’m guessing that this is NOT good news for at least 99% of you that have landed on this article, right?

But it’s not all doom and gloom – if you make a conscious effort to implement a few subtle changes in your office lifestyle you could actually lose a bit of weight (that’s right – I said LOSE a bit of weight!).

Let’s take a closer look at how to lose weight in the office…

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1) What Are You Drinking?

Hands up how many of you opt to drink water throughout the working office day?


That’s what I thought – why drink water when you are pissed off sitting in front of a glaring PC screen?

Coke, Fanta, mochas, lattes, Red Bull…the list goes on and on!

If you are drinking anything other than water when you are sitting down you are in trouble!

What Are You Drinking?

Having these drinks next to your keyboard all day will not only increase your calorie intake, but will contribute to poor teeth and gum health.

Also, the sugar content of these drinks will really mess with your overall work performance. Did you know that high sugar intake can easily cause your energy levels to peak and then fall?

These types of energy ‘jumps and falls’ can seriously effect your work productivity overall (don’t tell your boss!)

2) We All Stand For Something…

Okay, okay, I know a lot of the day is spent sitting in front of a computer with an office job…but there are chances to stand and work every now and again.

When you stand you are burning more calories up, increasing blood flow and your overall energy levels, giving yourself a corrective posture AND speeding up metabolism.

3) Homemade Snacks Vs. Vending Options

Vending machines are not your friend when it comes to matters of health – they never will be really!

Whatever you find inside these vending machines is bound to be pumped up with extra levels of sugar and sodium – these snacks need to be tasty after all!

These sorts of snacks WILL actually take away the feelings of hunger…but NOT FOR LONG!

Homemade Snacks Vs. Vending Options

You are looking for snacks that will provide energy or nutrition with a balance of nutrients like protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats…

With this in mind – make your own snacks at home and take them to work in an airtight container (this actually saves a lot of money as well!).

4) A Lunchtime Walk Maybe?

As we all (should) know by now – aerobic exercise is pretty awesome when it comes to taking on your body’s fatty deposits. It’s also good for keeping weight off in the first place!

Ideally you should aim for 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a day – a brisk walk at lunchtime can get you a lot closer to this target.

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5) Are You Stressed?

I work full time in front of a computer but I’m self employed – I don’t often feel the pressures of stress within the office environment (because I’m in charge!).

It doesn’t really matter if you absolutely LOVE your job – some days you are going to feel completely stressed out!

Are You Stressed?

Reducing stress can help you lose weight, according to research from the University of Kentucky.

When you are stressed you tend to get the impulse to overeat – it’s a way of reacting to emotional upheaval (emotional eating habits).

6) Do You Commute?

So the car is usually the easiest way to get to and from work – especially if you have trouble hearing the alarm clock every morning!

By simply ditching the car and walking, riding or even taking public transport, you are doubling your chances of reaching your weight loss goals.

If you have to drive due to location then simply find an area away from work where you can park for the day. Give yourself a little distance to cover to and from work.

Remember – even the people that opt to take public transport will see some sort of results. You will always have to walk to the closest bus or tube/subway stop.

Exercises to do at Your Work Desk

We thought we would include a bonus section to the article covering a couple of exercises to do at your work desk. Spend 30 seconds on each of the following moves, and try to fit in the workout several times a day…

The Chair Dip Exercise

The Desk Pushup

We hope you have enjoyed our article on how to lose weight in the office. If you have any questions on the subject please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

If I Lose Weight Will My Cellulite Go Away?

If I Lose Weight Will My Cellulite Go Away?

When the dreaded mirror first decides to highlight the bumps and lumps that indicate cellulite it can be a complete confidence destroyer.

The first, and most understandable action, is to cover up your thighs – no matter what the occasion calls for. But this becomes pretty tricky in the summer months…

At the end of the day it’s going to come out at some point – there is only so long you can keep cellulite hidden (no matter how hard you try!).

So, am I stuck with bumpy, lumpy thighs for the rest of my life, if I lose weight will my cellulite go away? 

First let’s put your mind at rest a little and give you some hope to grasp onto – yes cellulite can go away.

But unfortunately, it’s not exactly an easy task…

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What is Cellulite Caused by?

Cellulite targets both men and woman and there are millions upon millions of effected individuals around the world.

Some people will actually find themselves genetically predisposed to cellulite whilst others will develop it through excess fat below their skin.

What is Cellulite Caused by?

Choice of lifestyle seems to be the main culprit behind the appearance of cellulite. If you are a ‘sudden sufferer’ you may want to check out your exercise and eating routines.

Remember, excess fat through poor eating or lack of exercise can be behind the cause of cellulite.

Does Cellulite go Away When You Lose Weight?

Tackling the excess fat your body is holding is a great way to handle the appearance of cellulite. When the excess fat is given the boot your skin will be allowed to pull itself back in and drastically reduce that horrible dimpling effect.

Yeah I know, I know – losing weight is a lot harder than it sounds but it certainly is possible…for EVERYONE! (just read some of the articles we have here on the subject for starters!).

Once you have cleaned up your diet you will be super-surprised at how fast you can trim down your overall weight.

Here is a basic three-pronged attack on weight loss for newbies (don’t worry – it’s Layman’s Terms!):

  1. Remove sugar from your diet
  2. Minimize the amount of carbohydrates in your diet
  3. Avoid buying processed foods

See – you’ve probably heard all three of those pointers before right?

Well that’s for a reason…

Weight loss only becomes difficult if you MAKE it difficult!

To be honest with you, if you manage to just stick to the first point above you’ll see a huge change in your overall body shape and weight.

Most of us are completely oblivious to the amount of sugar we have in our diets – it tends to hide itself very well in modern brands.

Foods With High Amounts of Hidden Sugar

Cellulite and Exercise

If you manage to combine a clean eating lifestyle with exercise you will see a drastic reduction in cellulite. Exercise only works if you also dial in your nutrition.

A decent exercise routine will provide you with the following health benefits…

  1. You will burn large amounts of calories on a daily basis
  2. You cut into the fat deposits your body is holding onto
  3. You will build and develop muscle

The goods news is that these three benefits are excellent at cutting down your cellulite or even eliminating it completely.

What are the best exercises for cellulite reduction?

At the end of the day exercise is good for you – full stop! It doesn’t matter what exercise you finally choose as exercise in general will create muscle and cut into your body’s fat content.

Question: Will Cellulite Go Away on its Own?

Well if the answer to that question was yes…I just wasted the last couple of hours typing this article…

Of course it WILL NOT go away on it’s own!

Most regulars to this site will already know that very few health complications are easy to conquer – dedication and hard work are ALWAYS key.

Diet and exercise are not supposed to be easy – if they were most people would stick to them and there would be no obesity problems.

But, diet and exercise will help you tackle cellulite…so what are you going to do?

If you find it tough going I would always recommend taking on an accountability buddy to aid you through the process.

Use this friend/buddy to help arrange cool local walks or hikes, make some meals together or even sign up for a nearby keep fit class.

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How Much Water do You Need to Drink a Day to Lose Weight?

How Much Water do You Need to Drink a Day to Lose Weight?

Dieters are always looking for the easy option when it comes to losing weight. There has to be a simple solution that is easy to consume and will help them to shed a few extra pounds.

The answer doesn’t lie in miracle cures and weight loss pills, but rather the liquid you are taking those pills with.

All you really need is more water in your daily diet. So why is water so beneficial and how much water do you need to drink a day to lose weight?

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Why is Water so Helpful For Losing Weight?

Water does more than keep us hydrated and healthy. Drinking a glass or two of water can actively increase the body’s metabolic rate as the body works to warm up the water and process it.

Studies have shown that this can be as much as 30 percent for 30 to 40 minutes. This 30 minute window is vital for weight loss as this increased metabolic rate can lead to increase calorie burning.

Therefore, dieters are advised to drink a large amount of water before eating in order to reduce calorie intakes.

This can also be a good idea before exercise as there is a greater chance of burning more calories during that activity.

Why is Water so Helpful For Losing Weight?

It should also be noted that there are links between water consumption and appetite suppression.

This is another important benefit for dieting because it means that people that struggle with portion sizes and cravings could find themselves eating less.

This is also another good reason for drinking plenty of water before a meal.

Studies into water and weight loss have shown strong support for this approach…

A 2010 study in the water drinking habits of obese subjects showed that those that drank water before a meal were more likely to lose 4 more pounds over 12 weeks than those that didn’t.

There is also the suggestion that just 2 glasses or more a day can have a significant impact on pounds shed.

This shows that a few extra glasses of water could be the missing link between a healthy diet and more noticeable weight loss.

But drinking water is boring? Can’t I just have some diet drinks instead?

This attitude is understandable in a world where we are inundated with different brands of diet drinks.

Top drinks manufacturers are keen to create “healthy” alternative with “zero” in their names, low sugar levels or stevia instead of sweetener.

These drinks can be a nice treat now and then if you want a fizzy drink with less of the calories. However, they are no substitution for water.

The simple reason for this is that they don’t have the same properties for weight loss. In fact, studies have shown that the artificial sweeteners in these products can actually increase your appetite.

But drinking water is boring?

Water really is the best option, but there is no reason why it has to be plain, boring tap water.

Flavored water is ideal for ensuring that you keep up with your water consumption during the day. This is a simple thing to do and there is so much variety in the flavors, fruits and juices you can add.

The fashionable approach right now is to squeeze a little lemon juice in there and add a pinch of ginger. It tastes great and has additional health properties.

There is also little that is more refreshing than a pitcher of cucumber water.

Try and avoid bottled flavored water, such as brands with “a hint of” strawberry or lemon. These often contain those nasty artificial sweeteners.

So how much of these exciting new flavored water recipes should you be drinking each day?

It is clear that water is the way to go with weight loss goal. However, how much water do you need to drink a day to lose weight?

Unfortunately, there is no simple one rule where X amount of glasses will work. It can all depend on your age, the food you are eating, the medication you are taking and your general activity levels.

More importantly, it can depend on your weight.

Some work with the ration of 4 cups for every 50 pounds of weight. The best approach is to discuss the idea with a doctor and see what the ideal amount is for your personal situation.

With their guidance, plenty of willpower and a good recipe, you can use water to help you lose weight.

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Reprogram Your Mind to Lose Weight

Reprogram Your Mind to Lose Weight

I’m in no doubt that most of you reading this have a fair idea of how to lose weight – eat less and move more (as Billy Connolly once said!).

But certain things in life are easier said than done – successful weight loss is one of them.

You may have a list of things to change, such as consuming more fruit and vegetables, taking on exercise or buying low fat options.

If, like the majority of people, you have a tough time losing weight and keeping it off – despite your best intentions, what do you think could be getting in the way?

In this article we will be taking a look at how you can reprogram your mind to lose weight successfully – to change your weight, first change your mind…

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“All we need is just a little patience…” Guns n’ Roses

Sorry, love that song, so I just had to throw it in there somewhere! 🙂

Wanting too much, too fast, is the quickest route I know of to weight loss failure! It’s a sad state of affairs but…weight loss is too slow to satisfy most modern dieters.


Remember that you’ll always get the best results when you lose weight slowly. When you target fast weight loss you are only really losing water or lean tissue, not fat.

Relying on The Genie in The Lamp

Let me ask you a simple enough question – are you the type of individual that is always wishing they were slimmer or fitter?

Well, unfortunately these are the types of people that never really see any sort of positive progress with weight loss.

Wishing you were in a better place is never going to help – you have to stop wishing and do something about your situation.

Wishes will never really come true by themselves – it is up to you to fulfill them!

Half Truths Hurt!

We promote a handful of health and weight loss products on this website but we are EXTREMELY careful with what we stand behind – not all of these glittering prizes are made of gold.

Unfortunately, even weight loss programs with proven and legitimate science behind them seem unwilling to stick to the whole truth.

This can lead to you playing a VERY dangerous game.

You need to be vigilant – very vigilant.

Be aware of programs that take a little bit of truth only to try and turn it into something groundbreaking – this seems to be happening more and more frequently these days.

Being Realistic

Keeping a record of weight loss goals is an excellent way to create the correct mindset as long as these goals are realistic.

Being Realistic

Write down the overall weight you want to lose, or what size dress/clothing/etc you would like to wear.

From here it is pretty easy to set tiny weekly targets that add up to initial (realistic) weight loss goals.

Be Kind to Yourself

This is probably the most important part of this article so please, please, please pay attention.

None of us are perfect (not even me!) 🙂

You’re going to backtrack sometimes. Everyone does.

It doesn’t matter what it is – a wedding, a stag do, a last minute holiday or cruise, something is going to pop up and throw you off track.

At this point one of two things are going to happen to you…

  1. You are going to throw your hands up in the air and tell the world how worthless you are…
  2.  You are going to shrug it off and get straight back on track!

So forgive yourself for slip-ups, and then resume your good-living habits. Staying on track is NEVER easy no matter how easy your friend claims it is for him/her (yes we all have that pain in the ass friend!).

Mindset & Motivation Boosters

Always try to think about how far you have come, acknowledge that you’ve hit many little achievements up to this point and reflect on them regularly (you’re doing well – honest you are!).

Keep a journal or find some way of keeping a record – this is an awesome way to stay motivated.

There’s no escaping the written word – when you have a bad day, you can go back and look at a positive day and see what you did well – no thinking involved!

Negative thoughts are natural – everyone gets them…but it’s what we actually DO with them that counts!

STOP any negative thoughts straight away, then try making them positive – or even neutral. 🙂

If you have any tips on how to reprogram your mind to lose weight please take the time to share them with us. Feel free to use the comment section below.

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A Good Breakfast For Losing Weight

A Good Breakfast For Losing Weight

Eating the right breakfast is one of the essential pillars for successful weight loss. It provides the initial fuel to kick off your metabolism for the day.

It also keeps your hunger in check, thus determining the number of calories you are likely to take for the day.

Here are some basic tips towards eating a good breakfast for losing weight…

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Eat a Balanced Breakfast

For you to lose weight effectively, you should aim at taking a breakfast that has about 35% of your daily calorie intake allowance.

This should be comprised of proteins, whole grain carbohydrates, fruits, and healthy fats.

Such a breakfast will provide you with healthy nutrition, give you energy for the morning, and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

This way, blood sugar will be stable, which will keep you from eating more calories than necessary later in the day.

If you leave out any of these key components, you will not be giving your body enough satisfaction and nutrition from this important meal.

Whenever possible, avoid adding sweeteners to your breakfast foods because this increases your calorie intake.

Use Homemade

Most people prefer to buy ready-made breakfast food items at the store because it is more convenient. However, sometimes this could cause you to compromise on the quality of the food in terms of the health benefits.

Most store-bought products are filled with sugar and fat which is of no help in your weight loss efforts.

ready-made breakfast food items

Making your breakfast helps you to keep out any undesired additives in food and also lets you add more nutritious ingredients.

At times you may be pressed for time to make breakfast especially if your day’s schedule is tight. In such a case, it helps to prepare ingredients in advance the breakfast preparation procedure in the morning.

Incorporate Fiber Into Your Breakfast

Fiber is one of the essential ingredients for losing weight because it fills you up and cleans your digestive system without adding much to your daily intake of calories.

Most people are however taking in far less than the recommended daily amount of fiber.

Strive to ensure that your breakfast contains at least 5 grams of fiber if you want to get a healthier body weight.

Examples of some fiber-rich foods you can eat for breakfast include whole grain bread, oat bran, oatmeal, oranges, raw apples, and fresh berries.

It is important to know that all fruits have fiber, but it is much concentrated on the skin and seeds.

Good Timing

Developing a set meal plan can make it easier for you to lose weight. Ideally, breakfast should be taken within 30 minutes to one hour after waking up.

This helps to regulate your insulin and blood sugar levels while at the same time kick-starting your metabolism.

If you wait for longer than one hour to take breakfast, you will end up feeling hungrier, and this could lead you to choose high-calorie foods.

If your schedule involves morning exercises and you don’t want to work out on a full stomach, consider splitting your breakfast into two; a light source of carbohydrates before exercise and a protein-rich source after the workout.

This will ensure you have energy for the exercise, and you will stock up the depleted necessary nutrients after exercise.

 Avoid Skimping on Breakfast Foods

Portion size matters a lot when it comes to weight loss. Even if your breakfast is healthy and balanced, eating large portions will only result in more weight gain.

On the other hand, eating very small portions will leave you feeling hungry after a short time, which could cause you to over-indulge in mid-morning snacks.

The result is that you will consume more calories over the course of the day. Eat enough for breakfast as it will keep you feeling full for longer.

Weight loss is not only determined by what you are putting on your plate but also when and how you are eating.

Opting to take a good breakfast for losing weight is a healthy lifestyle choice that will influence your overall diet and keep your body fueled up.

It will give you the energy to keep engaging in physical activity later in the day, which is helpful in burning calories and losing weight.

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The Truth Behind Sauna Weight Loss Benefits

The Truth Behind Sauna Weight Loss Benefits

In the recent past, there has been much debate and misinformation on sauna weight loss benefits and this article seeks to shed more light on the issue.

Saunas are primarily designed to let your body cleanse and relax, but they are also an excellent way to help you lose those extra pounds.

Some people have said that it is impossible for you to lose weight in the sauna since you are doing nothing that requires effort.

Let’s take a look at how sauna can assist in attaining your weight loss goals…

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The Sauna

Sitting in a sauna for 15-30 minutes will increase blood circulation and make your body sweat. Sweating is one of those body mechanisms that help to expel toxins from the lymphatic system.

Toxins are usually harmful to body cells and organs. When you detoxify, your body organs work more efficiently.

This leaves your body in a better position to lose more fat because toxins are no longer hindering your bodily functions.

It also allows you to effectively absorb healthy nutrients, and this is an important step towards weight loss.

The heat in a sauna will raise your metabolic rate by up to 20%. This happens because the metabolic process is working hard to regulate your body temperature.

A higher metabolic rate results in your body being able to burn more calories than you are consuming.

You will, therefore, meet your basic energy needs while losing weight at the same time. The most interesting fact is that the accelerated metabolic effects will last even beyond your sauna sessions.

As such, your body will continue to burn calories at a higher rate, hours after you have left the sauna. With this, the calories you consume after the session will not be a hindrance to weight loss.


Another potential path for weight loss in the sauna is that the relaxation you experience helps to soothe the sympathetic nervous system.

This reduces stress and lowers the levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that plays a critical role in regulating your weight by determining how much fat will be stored and distributed in your body.

When cortisol levels are high, it impairs metabolism and increases blood sugar levels. However, we can’t live without this important hormone because it helps in body’s response to physical and emotional stress.

Being in the sauna will help balance cortisol levels thus increasing fat release and contributing to weight loss.

What Type of Sauna?

There are many types of saunas such as steam sauna, smoke sauna, electrically heated sauna, dry sauna, and infrared sauna.

Among all these, infrared sauna has been reported to be the most effective type in promoting weight loss. It makes use of light waves to heat your body directly without heating the environment.

The infrared energy penetrates deeper into your body and dissolves the underlying fat, and therefore your body sweats it out along with the other toxins.

It also makes you perspire more than the other sauna types, thus enabling you to get rid of more toxins for effective weight loss.

Studies have shown that a 30 minutes sauna session can burn up to 600 calories, and this is good news for anyone trying to lose weight.

Some of this weight loss occurs as a result of the water your body is losing through sweating. In this case, some of the pounds usually come back when you rehydrate after the session.

However, if you have sauna sessions regularly, you should notice a considerable drop in weight within a period of 3 months.

Irregular sessions will only provide a temporary fix, but if you make it a routine, it helps put your body in shape.


Unlike the common weight loss exercises, sitting in the sauna has little or no side effects especially if you take the right precautions regarding hydration and temperature.

It is a safe way to lose weight while enjoying other benefits such as pain relief, reduced tension, improved skin tone, and a stronger immune system among others.

It is important to note that for you to reap the maximum sauna weight loss benefits, you need to combine it with other healthy lifestyle choices such as proper diet, and ensuring proper hydration before, during, and after your sauna sessions.

Failure to drink water could cause dehydration which comes with symptoms such as headaches and dizziness.

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When is The Best Time to Diet?

When is The Best Time to Diet?

Ignoring the tell-tale signs that give you a gentle nudge in the back when it’s time to lose weight?

So when is the best time to diet?

Have you been overlooking the obvious for some time now?

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When It’s Time to Lose Weight

How often are you entertaining a young child? It’s amazing how much energy they have really isn’t it?

But are they really that athletic – or is there an underlying reason behind your lack of breath and winded feeling?

Have you ever woken up suddenly in the dead of the night choking due to sleep apnea?

When It’s Time to Lose Weight

Maybe your favorite mainstream stores have suddenly stopped stocking your comfortable size…have they changed their stitching line? Why are you suddenly between sizes?

Let’s not beat around the bush here – there are thousands of reasons (and little pointers) to lose weight.

Keeping that in mind – why do so many people opt to ignore the signs?

Be it common fear of failure or simple comfort – signs are signs at the end of the day!

Medical Reasons to Start Shedding Those Pounds

The persuasive argument for fixing that flab is the imminent threat of related medical conditions.

How does heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol sound to you?

Not that pleasant right?

As a rule of thumb – the more weight you total (or the heavier you are) the more likely you are to encounter some health problems along the way.

When you combine this with family health history it can paint quite a dark picture.

type 2 diabetes

You also may not be aware how important ‘shape’ is to your health direction.

The fatter, apple-shaped body is much more likely to see heart disease, cancer, and diabetes when compared with the more natural pear-shaped body (it’s all in the hips!!!).

I always find that the most effective form of initial motivation comes from a local GP or doctor.

A few frightening sentences from a man/woman in white and a strong a commitment to lose weight could be set in stone!

Did you know that every kilogram of weight lost annually over a period of a decade has been linked with a 33 percent lower risk of diabetes?

Let’s Get Personal

So the threat of a dodgy health life isn’t really enough to put you into the ‘diet zone’ – what about a few personal reasons?

These are a pretty awesome stepping stone to a slimmer lifestyle as long as you are not just concentrating on the short-term.

For example, if you work your butt off to fit into a dress for a wedding in two months time MAKE SURE you have long-term goals in place that can carry you on AFTER this event.

You need to ensure you keep the weight off and maintain the benefits of a healthier weight – long-term!

Let's Get Personal With Dieting

So what are the most common personal motivations for starting up a weight loss program…

  • Self esteem being affected by your size
  • Complete lack of energy on a daily basis
  • Body image – is the mirror your enemy?
  • Upcoming events
  • Favorite clothes and styles getting tighter and tighter
  • Depression
  • The need to look and feel more attractive to the opposite sex

When is The Best Time to Diet?

Losing weight requires commitment and dedication – it’s not all about the diet and food charts…it’s about complete changes to your lifestyle.

Your motivations need to be placed on solid ground – short-term goals will not bring the desired effect most of us are looking for.

Good luck and stay healthy!

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How to Lose Weight The Correct Way

How to Lose Weight The Correct Way

There are many myths in relation to weight loss, but what is the correct way to lose weight?

Unfortunately, unlike the diets and fitness fads that promise overnight weight loss, the healthy and correct way to lose weight involves a balanced approach involving incremental changes.

So while exercise is crucial, it’s not a good idea to jump into an intensive fitness regimen. Not only would this put your body at a greater risk of injury, but you might also feel demoralized for struggling to keep up.

In addition, a strict diet which leaves you feeling hungry and unhappy is not only likely to result in bouts of binge eating after the diet, but is also more likely to deprive you of essential vitamins and minerals.

Here are some tips on how to lose weight the correct way…

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General Weight Loss Guidelines

The general rule to follow when trying to lose weight is to

(a) reduce calorie intake and

(b) increase activity levels.

The key is therefore to maintain your calorie intake at a level less than what is needed for your daily energy requirements. 

General Weight Loss GuidelinesIn addition, keep in mind that changing your bad habits is a much better way to lose weight (and sustain your weight loss long-term).

For instance, rather than trying to cut out certain food products entirely, it is a better idea to substitute the food product for a healthier version.

So if you have a habit of drinking full-fat milk with your coffee in the morning, then you could try switching to skimmed milk.

The general tip is to think of your weight-loss goals in the long-term – in terms of months or years, rather than weeks.

A) Reducing Calorie Intake

In order to lose weight, you must be ready to eat between 300 and 500 calories less per day than you usually do.

This will create a calorie deficit which will allow you lose between 1 and 2 lbs per week. Also, keep in mind that not all calories are built the same.

The key is to increase your intake of healthy calories while gradually cutting out the unhealthy ones.

This includes limiting your intake of unhealthy fats and sugars and increasing your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and wholegrain breads.

Furthermore, make sure you are not skipping any meals – having a big, healthy breakfast is key to getting your metabolism going for the day.

A guideline you should use for assessing your weight is the BMI (Body Mass Index), which determines whether you are at a healthy or unhealthy weight.

To find your BMI, follow these simple steps:

  • Multiply your height by itself
  • Divide your weight by this figure. If your BMI is between 18.5 and 25, you are at a healthy weight. If your BMI is over 25, you are overweight, while 30 is obese and anything above 40 is considered morbidly obese

Here are some general tips to reduce your calorie intake:

  • Cut out sodas and sugary drinks as much as possible, replacing them with water or lemonade
  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Limit sugary and salty snacks like potato chips, cookies, biscuits, candy, etc.
  • Cut down on your portion sizes and try eating until you are full, rather than until your plate is empty
  • Cut out store-bought and processed foods and make a habit of preparing your own lunch and dinner

B) Increase Your Levels of Activity

Exercise uses up energy so even if you retain your existing calorie intake, there is a very good chance you will lose weight.

If you are not ready to start hitting the gym, try to focus on the activity that is easiest to incorporate into your daily routine.

This could be biking or walking to work, team sports on weekends or an aerobics class you could take with a friend.

The key is to make fitness a natural part of your day, even if it means going for a 20-30 minute walk around your neighborhood each day.

Keep in mind that every added step that you take means burning calories – this could motivate you to take the stairs instead of the elevator or go for a walk rather than sitting in and watching TV.

Be Persistent!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is to jump to negative conclusions regarding the effectiveness of their diet/exercise regimen.

The initial sacrifice might seem to big and you might get discouraged when you see that there has not been such a big pay off.

But be patient and keep up your motivation – the changes will appear gradually.

However, staying on track should not mean blindly following your set plan. Feel free to adjust your regimen according to your experience.

If you are feeling too exhausted, it’s best to take it down a notch. On the other hand, if you’re feeling you could go further, go ahead and try pushing yourself a bit more.

But keep in mind that it’s best to take it slow in the beginning, to avoid the risk of an early burn out.

In any case, try to make this a fun journey – celebrate the little accomplishments and don’t fret the bumps. Make sure to celebrate those little milestones and reward yourself for all of your hard work.

This will allow you to stay on track and keep motivated long-term. Also, keep in mind that small bumps in the road are not always indicative of long-term progress. Try to stay optimistic and motivated.

Health and Weight Loss

Last but not least, your health should be one of the biggest motivators for your long-term weight loss.

Keep in mind that studies show that people who have gained over 20lbs since their 18-year-old weight have an increased risk for a variety of health issues.

In particular, their risk is much greater for diabetes, heart attacks and even cancer.

Persisting in your weight loss journey is a long-term investment in your health and overall well-being so it is important to keep in mind how to lose weight the correct way.

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How to Lose Weight With Lemon Juice

How to Lose Weight with Lemon Juice

Any nutritionist worth their salt can tell you what a fantastic idea it is to lose weight with lemon juice.

You might have heard it said before that the majority of people tend to “drink their calories” throughout the day, and it’s true.

Almost nothing can destroy your weight loss efforts more easily than a steady influx of sugary, deceptively calorie-dense drinks…

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The Drinking Game

Because beverages with high fructose corn syrup are a common staple in many people’s diets, the negative impact of drinking calories is often greatly underestimated.

Bottles of juice are often advertised as being “natural”, which often gives inexperienced dieters the false impression that drinking several of them in one sitting is more beneficial than detrimental.

If you want to ensure that your weight loss efforts go as smoothly as possible, then you can’t fall into the trap of self-sabotaging with sugar-heavy fruit drinks.

Thankfully, you don’t have to completely give up flavored beverages altogether just to stay on track.

With nothing more than a few squeezes of a lemon, you can satisfy your flavored drink fix for a grand sum of zero calories.

Water & Weight Loss

The benefits of drinking water for losing weight are extremely well-documented, and when you add lemon juice into the mix, it only gets better.

In addition to cleansing your digestive tract, adding lemon juice to water gives you a dose of negative charged ions.

Negative charged ions have an invigorating effect on the digestive tract and can provide a strong energy boost in the morning.

Because of the negative ions it contains, lemon juice alkalizes the body. Alkalizing is the opposite of acid-forming, which is the effect of positive ions.

In order to function properly, the body needs to have the right balance of positive and negative ions to maintain a proper pH level.

Many adults have a pH level that is more acidic than optimal, and so just by drinking lemon juice consistently, you bring your body and mind back into a state of balance that many other people often neglect.

The Alkalizing Effect

Even though lemon juice itself is acidic, the metabolic process activates an alkalizing effect when you drink it. When metabolized, lemon juice releases alkalizing salts that go to work at balancing your pH level immediately.

When your body is properly alkalized with lemon juice, you’re likely to experience an enhanced mood.

Being in a calm state of mind is one of the most vital and yet commonly-neglected aspects of weight loss in the world.

When you’re less prone to low moods and stress, you won’t be producing as much of the steroid hormone known as cortisol.

Cortisol is produced in great volume when we experience significant stress, and one of its worst effects is increased fat retention.

To put it in perspective, even if a person has 99% of their dietary habits under control, they can literally stress themselves into obesity by overproducing cortisol from stress.

Lose Weight With Lemon Juice

By drinking lemon juice, you steady your mind and protect yourself from the negative impact of stress-induced cortisol before it’s too late.

As a natural diuretic, lemon juice purifies your digestive tract. Your energy will be boosted, your diet will be untarnished, and you might even see improvements to your complexion.

When you make an earnest effort to lose weight with lemon juice, you’re likely to wind up with even more benefits than you expected.

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